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I'm from Portugal too!
You're a horrible kisser! And I'm leaving right now!


Such a turn off...
I like the turn! LOL Prove him wrong with some horizontal tang! LOOOOL
Burce is not gay, because Tim is the ultimate woman! :S
The evil side of the tang! :P
Don't! Don't killl hiiiimmmm! :(
I used to read about this pairing in fanfiction! But boy, was it nerver like this!

I can't stop laughing! LOL
oni-bu, you're sooooo right!

I knew it!

It was the Tang!
I'll nerver drink Tang again without thinking about Batman and Robin for the rest of my life!

Do I'll look like that if I drink Tang?
Drinking Tang would be a good idea! LOL

I can't help it! LOL

The tang this is making cry of laughing so hard! LOOOOOOOOOOL
The problem is in the Tang!
What's more important than Tang? LOL
I feel the need to drink Tang! And I hate the stuff!
Dies from heart brake!
Sometimes you need time on your own. Especially when you're sick! Henry is roght...
Henry is mad...
Bo's father is a sexy older version of him! Like Bo/Top! :D
MORE!!! This is perfect! :D