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Taliv, a new character that will be introduced in Chapter 2. Wanted to give you another sneak peek as part of the hiatus.
November 13th, 2019
@Myk Streja: More lore but Earth is starting to come out of its totalitarian stage after the first Void War with the Gorgons (an alien parasitic hive mind that attempted to colonize earth about 30 years before Xaltean first contact. So, We're looking at about 50 years ago as of this scene). So, as annoying as his views are, it permeated his society. It's not an excuse for what he's doing but it is why he has not realized (yet) the lines he's crossing.

I promise, as the author, he'll get better. :D

On the other thought, he's not a virgin...but he is "inexperienced". lol

As always, I love getting comments from all of you! I appreciate your continued dedication to stopping by and reading.
November 13th, 2019
@Jamie59: There's a very good chance he will. lol
November 13th, 2019
@Timeghost: Thanks for taking the time to let me know. I missed those on my final look through. :)
@Jamie59: lol. Looks like you found something that I missed in the final look over. lol

Glad you enjoyed the page!
@Myk Streja: Oh, I'm on board with you. Hence the nonplussed expression on Maevin in the following panel.

There is a reason Xalteans don't like humans.
@Jamie59: lol. Well, it would be rather uncomfortable to find our that these bonds actually existed. They wouldn't fly in Earth culture.

What Henry doesn't realize is that bond contracts are not like slave markets. they're private contracts among the Xalteans and also can be ordered by courts as punishment. The Xalteans are all about rights. So, since a familiarity clause is in essence a loss of a right, the person in question either gave it up wilingly after legal advisement or was stripped by the courts for a reason.

I'm almost done with a little indepth essay for Wednesdays on Xaltean culture to help add to the comic itself. :D
@Myk Streja: This should be fixed now. I originally had the concept in a separate folder but I think it was messing with flow. I moved it in with it's chapter.
@Myk Streja: For the first chapter, he is pretty much a lovable idiot. I mean, this is only day 1 and 2; my goal is to have him face a crisis of culture since the Xalteans are so different from humans. Thanks for your really in-depth analysis of his predicament!
@Myk Streja: Your input matters, I just have a story and hearing what you all think helps me shape things or tweak as I go.

Never worry about giving your opinion. :) I listen, even if I may choose to go a different route.

And with naval cleavage, I think that's how the V of her top still exposes her middrif.
@Jamie59: They are actually 2 different versions. When Laura (the artist) designs the characters, she usually provides two or three designs to choose from, that's why the tattoo is missing on the other. Not all the Xalteans have them.

Thanks for your input! I went with the left one cause I loved the hair!
Siv of House Avernell
So, I wanted to introduce you all to Siv, a Xaltean lady who is becoming one of my favorite characters to write. I wanted to release this early and in between the usual releases as a thank you for all the feedback I have been getting and all those readers who have not yet commented. She will be debuting in Issue #2!

What do you think of her?
@Jamie59: LOL. You are funny. :)
@Myk Streja: I wouldn't bet against you. :D lol
October 16th, 2019
@Myk Streja: Message deleted as requested and don't worry about it. Manga takes a bit of learning due to its being very culturally specific. It took me a while to fully comprehend them.
@Jamie59: You'll find out in the next panel! :)
@Myk Streja: Yep. lol

One of the things that I've been trying to bring across (as you'll see in the next pages) is that the Xaltean may be laid back in many ways, they are also VERY ruthless when it comes to sticking to the rules and ways.

We haven't seen much about the human/Xaltean conflict that happened eight years before but the fact that Henry is here is so unprecedented, he's lucky he hasn't gotten more push back with his presence.

Now I'm rambling again. LOL
October 15th, 2019
@Myk Streja: The reaction is 90% in his head. I have come to the conclusion that the panel did not convey what I was intending as well as I had thought when it was first released.

I'm planning to get a page of all the main characters for easy reference because with the size this story is going to be, a reference of who is who will be great to have.

Thanks for the comment!
@Myk Streja: Nah! I couldn't be mad at you or anyone else. :D I actually like the feedback cause I can apply it to future issues.

This world is so big (as I've been developing it for years), I just want to talk about everything. LOL

I'm on board with what you mean about text conversations. For future messages, always assume I'm either confused or overly excited to explain something. lol

I've been a professional writer for a number of years and so I could never be upset because someone is logged out. You are taking time out of your schedule to stop and take a look at something that boils down to a silly comic. You're giving me that time and I respect and appreciate you and the rest who read and haven't commented.

Never in a million years would I be angry. Please keep posting and I'll keep responding!
@Myk Streja: You are quite alright! Forgive my tone. I read your comment going "oh, there is a lot of women servants" and then degenerated into a lore piece.

I knew exactly what you meant and didnt mean to come across as a critique. :)

Thanks so much for posting!