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Just stop talking Flare
You're braking the fourth wall
Speed has plot protection and somehow regenerates his bones
Two panels later, Your computer can't even
that eevee looks like he got dragged out of bed at four to go to the airport
He also looks like he is planking very angrily
why is Vay's room two boxes and a hay bed
They are staring into Vay's soul.
Vay is now contemplating life
So first there outside, then they are inside with no transition, then the wall turns blueish white, then they are at vay's room and the hallway ends, confirmed by blizz crashing into the wall.
I'm just mad this comic strip is so short and simple
Is pepper a spirit?
Why is she glowing?
Why was she only introduced now?
@Guest: so you're the reason why the page is 10 miles long
Vay used dive It's super effective!
Vay used Vietnam flashbacks Vay took recoil damage
Vay used run The enemy Blizz was confused
Pinkeevee used end comic strip The opposing readers are sad
why did you make a link for 10 hours of the default fornite dance?
also why is the headliner the default fortnite dance too?
Is life worth living anymore?
does Vay just do these things on a daily basis?
Be cop,fire fighter, layer, and all the other things
walk around
take a dip in what looks like the ocean
and then stay in his room to think about his life choices
who is the green person talking to Blizz at the end?
Is Blizz friends with god?!?!
No seriously, who is that person?
Mission Impossible for the plush?
Would Blizz do that?
Little does Blizz now that Vay is going to take the action figure and give it to his child
because he is a good father and a bad brother
That is the best sale ever!
Take my money I want 10
Why are we getting twelve gifts on the first day?
Are we getting 23 gifts on the twelfth day?
(I counted so don't ask)
9 presents sat on eight burning candles...
Just think about that for a second

Presents in fire is crazy enough, but how do you fit 9 larger things on top of 8 smaller things?
Enjoy your break!!!
Happy holidays and Happy New Years!
Prediction Time! (again) man i'm on a roll with these
Vay's baby has ear shape of a leafeon and has the curl on the head so I can almost 100% confirm that the mom is a leafeon

Look at me, I'm actually doing something!

So, another eevee or eeveelution finds out about vay's kid then because of embarrassment or something vay runs away and they have to find him
Its genius!