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So I'm a failure. I like to draw, sing, dance- the arts-y type, but bad at it. I'm very good at reading, lol, not.
December 13th, 2018
No. Just no.
How you gonna say you love IT!
December 12th, 2018
I should have waited until tomorrow... I'm so tired right now..
This why I hate master/servant relationships. It makes these comments acceptable and totally legitimate. Nothing against you or the author, just my inner-equality person speaking. That actually made no sense, oh well...
I like this Raylen. He is good. We are friends now. He doesn't get a say in this. It is fact.
Darn hierarchy!
This makes me mad tbh, like how dare you say that and TOUCH HIM like re-read get away from us.
Poor cat...
Now he is gonna be a slave, basically..
Oh ho ho!
What is this I see!?!?
I know you!!!!!
I just joined and I saw this and I was like 'You're from Tapas' and I'm just lije😮 now. :-)