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A short description? Well, that comes with the package when you're my height...

Ahoy! The name's Mike, I'm a guy who writes stuff, draws even more stuff- and does anyone else feel like managing a cast of characters is the equivalent of babysitting a small hoard of screaming toddlers, and none of them want to play nice?

Well, right now I'm working on a comic called COLOURS. It's my first major project! So far I've made an animated trailer for it, and I was able to compose and record my first piece of music, too! I'm super excited for the future of this comic, and the extra content I'll be able to create for it, music, animation, and all.

My hobbies are... most everything under the sun! Especially in science and art- if physics, biology, chemistry, they're all cool! I also like to dabble in most forms of art media that I can get my hands on, anything from sculpting to traditional painting, craft, inking... etc.

I'm currently occupied with the act of getting my life together.
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    Mikhael O'Brien
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Great pages!
This looks like it'll be really interesting, I look forward to seeing where it goes!
Fifteen!? No way!