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Thank you!
I've been reading and rereading this comic every few months since ~2012-13 and I don't think that any single piece of literature/artwork has ever had such an impact on me. Thank you for helping me realise myself years ago. Enjoy your free time!

November 6th, 2018
I first found your comic in probably 2013. I don't read regularly but I always check in every few months and reread every one. This is what caused me to realise i was trans all those years ago. I had to put up with an unsupportive family that i couldnt tell. I told several therapists but couldn't do anything about it. I moved out august 2017, and as of last friday I have a prescription for E and Spiro. Depending on how much money i make tomorrow (tips - I work in a restaurant) i should pick up my prescription. Thank you so much for setting the biggest adventure of my life in motion. I know that you dont have a lot of readers but I refer everyone i know who would like it. I appreciate that you kept making these and I just want you to know how important this has been for me :)