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I like Eddsworld ,drawing, and reading.
I dunno it seems like a pretty good offer-
@Guest: Lmao Matt has a better memory than me when it comes to names XD
Lmao Vlahd just looks angry for no reason XD (Lmao he's like me)
I know that Tord is a evil dictator in this comic but tbh I really like his character 👌
Lmao the last panel would be me trying to imply something to my friend and they're not understanding (I'd be Tord)
Lmao the last panel is me in school (I'd be the woman)
When I try to sneak out of the house and my dad catches me
Lmao Vlahd is too tall
Edd looks traumatized
Tom looks like he rather be drinking smirnoff
Matt looks like he's regretting his life decisions
It looks like when my friends and I take a selfie-
WaIt He JuSt LeFt HiS fRiEnDs WiTh ToRd
Wait so they just casually have a robot hand laying around?
*Complex math equations floating around my face as I try to solve this loophole*
Top 10 Shortest Anime Battles
I wonder if this if how Tom gets a visor...
@Solvn: I just call him half-burnt chicken nugget