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Currently not very active on this profile, apologies for all the old, terrible webcomics. Odds are I'll take them down shortly.

Check out Fastpuck's comics, which are rad as hell.
I wish you the best of luck with that. You may want to study anatomy a BIT more, though, unless this semi-chibi style is what you're going for. Your coloring skills are excellent, though, and I look forward to seeing what you do with this.
Good luck with college- I'm entering my second year this fall, and I know how life-sucking it is. XD

I'm really enjoying this comic, though. I was a little iffy about reading stuff with religion in it, but~ you've made it a great read. I like your style, and the energy you put into this is great. ^^
Not gonna lie, I've been waiting for this since the series started. XDDD I wonder who'll catch her (and K'mlar <3 ).

I really love seeing a version of Pern onscreen, though. I'd always wished that they'd make a movie of the series.
Basically, this is just to let everyone know that I wrote a little boyxboy smut and stuck it on dA. It's the most explicit I've ever gotten as far as text goes, so I'd really appreciate the crit. Not to mention that I haven't written anything in ages, and I'm rusty as HELL FFFFFFFFFFF

But it was good practice for NaNoWriMo! ='D

Anyways, here's the link (you'll need a dA account to remove the mature barrier thing OLOLOL):
September 23rd, 2009
Pffft, yer silly. XDDDD I'LL DO MY BEST JUST FOR YOU!!!!
September 20th, 2009
OLOLOLOL INORITE? Psssh, god, this pic is so old. DDD: I even forgot Erik's scars. /facepalm Shows you how ancient this is. I hope you liked the comic! ^^ Thanks for reading!

Totally not why I became her fan, I swear. <333
September 20th, 2009
Newish art. =3
September 20th, 2009
Ultra-old art. Part of the reason that inspired me to do the actual comic. =3
Rando-art. =3
September 20th, 2009
A redone version of the character sheet, to give you an example of how my style's changed. =3
September 20th, 2009
This one, I just didn't have it in me to finish the lineart, since looking through these old pages pained me too much. Sorry. XP
September 20th, 2009
SO THIS IS THE DEAL: I'm over and done with with this comic, since I hate how it's turning out. Thus, I'm posting all the unfinished pages so that you can at least see the lineart/story. They're unifinished, and a lot of things- including Erik's scars, near the end- are rushed. This is ancient lineart, so don't expect quality.

I just wanted to get this over with. I promise I'll remake it some day, everyone, and do it even better! ='D
I really, desperately wish I could order a book from you. Bah, I need a credit card or something.

But wow, this comic never ceased to amaze me. Your style is just so elegant and clean, the the coloring so crisp and perfect. And the story . . . Yeah, I prefer this version to that in the Mythology textbooks. XDDDD

The characters are so well-developed, and you remained true to the subject matter all the way through. More than that, you actually made us love the characters. This comic is, without a doubt, one of the best I've ever read. ^^

And for the record, I'm a huge fangirl. XDDDD Awesome job!
I’m sorry- there’s gonna be another little delay after this page, because I’ve only just started lineart’ng all the rest. ^^; (Again, it’s no wonder no one likes this comic.) But~ all questions will be answered soon. I promise. =3
And we finally found Krim! After that long wait. /headdesk No wonder I have so few fans.

Another random page- no worries, I’m getting there. =3 WHEE HANDS! XP
Kinda a dorky page. XDDD Not much happens, ‘cept Erik panics. =3 He’s so cuuuute~

. . . Apps probably aren't open anymore, huh? T_T I can whip out a manly character, I swear! ='D
Time for more angst! Sorry for another cliffhanger. @.@