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Akuma Yoru
Hey! I'm Yoru.... I like drawing...
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WE know that Galen did not go further than kissing Eros, but to Emmett, who reacted so quickly and emotionally, he had a hard time seeing the entire setting. This is why he's unsure if Galen just kissed him, or did more than that
Emmett's Talk
I think there was confusion the first time I uploaded this, but Emmett is alluding to Eros and not Taylor [his childhood friend].
Sorry for not posting...
I honestly forgot how many chapters I had uploaded in advance and I forgot to check until now.
It seems like just days since this is updated so often, but when it’s uodated once a week it does make it appear much longer hahahahaha It started out at the beginning of the semester and they’re about to enter finals, so...about 4-5 months
No worries on that. It was a dream. Literally a fantasy the character had
@Ralend: Eros’ self hatred is not based on his ethnicity in the slightest, the self-hatred comes from the things he did as a child and the trauma it caused him. In his mind he stole money, a sin in the eyes Of his religion but a crime. He was caught, beaten, and paraded in front of his town. He was called thief, yelled at, and the bystanders threw food at him as he was humiliated alongside other “criminals” so his trauma from that led him to believe he’s disgusting, he’s inhuman, and he’s not worth anything. It all manifested into a self hatred you see now. On top of that, he carries proof of that literally etched in his skin. I'm just the artist unfortunately , but knowing the author for so long, I know it definitely still affects him. I can't say if it's over the top or not, as I think options differentiate, but sorry if it comes off as so for you. Sorry for the confusion on where the hatred stemmed from!
The author, I’m just the artist, would be better at answering this, but from what I know: Eros thinks in Spanish, regardless of what language he’s speaking out loud, so when he’s emotional or careless, he speaks in Spanish. Eros’ thinking will in Spanish for the rest of the comic. We were unfortunately bad at displaying this at the beginning of the comic. That being said, my bilingual friends very often greet me not their native tongue as a fun way greeting each other. I guess that was just too odd here haha
Sorry about the numbering, I forget I’m not adding “spacer” pages to help with the flow of the comic. All that’s missing is a black page that was used to change the setting
We Resume...
Thank you for your patience as I organized and re uploaded the chapters. Hopefully this time there won't be pages from incorrect chapters, nor broken links.
Hey everyone! Sorry about the mix up with the pages. I have to sort out folders better and see what so many pages weren’t showing up. I’ll upload to where we were in one update soon so no need to wait to catch up! Sorry again
Sorry about that abruptness! The comic was originally designed and formatted for a scroll-down layout, so the pages that had long pauses made for, well, pauses, so “blank” pages were added for those pauses, and I may have forgotten one or two that could have had a single line of dialogue transitioning the panels. I will double-check! Thanks for the heads up!
Dem blurry eyes
So this was asked before: "What's up with the blurry eyes?" Eros distances himself from others, and a way he keeps people away is by essentially blurring out their identity in his mind-- hence the blurry eyes. This is basically to show that Galen's face has become clear, and that Eros is finally SEEING Galen in a way
Sorry for not updating yesterday, I wrote down the wrong day for the next update. We (author and I) hope you're liking ROE so far!
@EZOrbit: He has a special place in my heart, so I hope he's a favorite of yours one day!
@Blucakes020302: Thank you so much!