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Who am I: Hello! My name is Juju! I make comic scripts and stories and I would draw my own if I had better drawing skills. I do offer people to help participate in my comics for graphic art and character plots. If anyone is interested in helping make a novel (because I suck at art), you can apply for a co-author for any of my comics below!

Hobbies: Gaming, Making Comics (Storylines), Hanging out with my animals, and hiking

Likes: Pokemon (Nuzlocke challenges for me!), Dragons (Wings of Fire), Warrior cats (Everything about it, I helped make the prophecy for the latest series *No Spoilers!*), and entertaining in any way!

Occupation: Explorer for Hire
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Take care of yourselves!
He is so pretty!
February 15th, 2019
Welp you forgot about leafeon
Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssse? I give you da cookie.....
February 15th, 2019

What just happened???
*squeals* I am so excited!
Huh, let me find something
This always happen to me.....
/Guess that pokemon!/

*sees a ball*


/Its an Electrode!/

*Slams computer screen*
@Emc_502: Yes! Happy Birthday, Mewtwo!
Mewtwo: Mom?!?! What did I tell you! Your embarrassing me!

Mew: Teehee~!
Option 1, since I want to know her name also :3
Oh yeah! I forgot about his brother.....wonder what he is doing now..... :S
I am laughing so much right now! XS
Oh wow Yoshidakid, :3