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Hello everyone!
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That is soooo cute!

Could I use him for my profile pic? :)
Oof, I thought about a cat named Newtsong that would be so cute :p
@Questwings: Oops, I mean't her lol
Foxtail's soo cute!

I love him <3
@LuckyPuppie: oh my goodness! They are so cute!!! Thank you so much, Juniper and Ariel look so awesome!

And best wishes to you too!
Awwwe! He's so lovely! The colors were just as I imagined him ❤️❤️

Welcome back!
July 28th, 2019
Oh fuck

Hake is handsome~
I am going to give a good guess

yellow = soul or light
Funny, because I was totally thinking about a rayquaza or something

Other than that, you're dead BIOTCH
Hmmm, I don't know....I definitely didn't see him snekin :3

Curse of the Roasted Pig...

Roasted Cheren
Cedar still looks adorable on 4 legs ^^
That is definitely ok! Life is important also :>
May I do two cameo's in the same pic?
Ariel the Charmander

Ariel is a Charmander with a firey mohawk, yellow eyes, and wears a darker blue scarf. He is the sweetheart boy, and a little joker, who always hangs out with his friend Juniper!


Juniper the Snivy

Juniper is a dark green Snivy with blue eyes and is given a red bag. She also has one bracelet with a Waterstone. Shy and can sometimes be a little annoyed with Ariel's humor. Ariel is her companion (my protagonist)

(If two is not ok, then either one is good! I am making a comic with these guys so I thought it would be cool. ^v^)
Oh gosh, extinction has happened lmao
April 24th, 2019
Oh my I see something is going to happen 😸
April 24th, 2019
Oh gash no lmao