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I spend all most all of my time playing video games or on the NA forums, I am a mod there.
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I havent seen these joks any where else but Im not going to waste my time explaining, on the internet no one beleives the truth
As I said
It would be a little bit of everything so here you go...
I was doing the exact same thing as you to years ago...
The Farm boy sprites were by dazz of tSR and the Ahmetrock sprites were by Ahmetrock, and yes the comic is exactly what I did In D&D today
Nick how about some constructive C&C next time?

And thank you Ahmet
Yes this pun has probably been made before somewhere but I havent seen it so here you go,
and yes I know i spelled conquoring wrong oh and if you have not seen napoleon Dynamite SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!
Before you get started
Its supposed tyo look messy and simple, and credit to Funny part for the kitten image
Use your eyes!!!
awakenedrebellion, Did you not read the title? Its supposed to be generic looking, and belive it or not this took some editing!
just a little something to get my creative juces flowing.
just a litle something to get my randomness flowing