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Name: Scottsborough "Scotty" Sparksten
Occupation: Future Psychoanalyst
Friends: Chi, Mori, Cheezie Spaz, Neko, Melon, etc.
Life Status: Living :D
My caring meter: Bajillion <3
Goals: write a best selling novel, Be epic.
Theme song: I'm Feeling Super - Big Gay Al
Characters: Fischer, W.I.C.K., Todd, Castiel, Pepper, etc.
Characters for cafe bliss: Scott,W.I.C.K., Marly, Ethan, Markle, Spencer
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    Scottsborough Sparksten
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Yeah o.o....weird...

Oh well I have two characters and the manager those'll be scanned tomorrow after work..and I have the actual pictures up on my facebook under Sketchbook check 'em out
This is awesome Chi! I have the sketches of my characters and the manager almost done and will most likely upload them tomorrow after work
(insert fangirl squeal here)

I'm excited. I love the new layout. The colours, EVERYTHING.

<_< I sound like a gay guy XD

Anyways. This is awesome and I will be uploading my character most likely tonight.
Hey guys :D So yeah Chi and I have created CAFE BLISS 3!!! Huzzah. XD So head on over there if you want to start collabing again :D

We have a forum set up and EVERYthing XD Although I'm been lazy with the comic as of right now, but will work on it tonight.

This is a picture I drew in Media Arts for my summative animation. It's Navi from Legend of Zelda :P
I am ze proud of it. <3

~ Scotty
Kage! We're thinking of restarting/creating a new collab! Would you be in?
Ok so p-chat is a huge tit...the school computers won't let me on loads but won't let me sign in. So that sucks
btw if anyone is free i'm gonna be on P-chat in like 2 min, XD
I love the Leroy Jenkins reference. It's great XD
Hey, so yeah XD I really wanna start this one up again too, or starting a new one :P So I'd be all up for starting that as soon as possible :D Like I mentioned to Cheezie though, until I get a scanner, it's gonna be a pain in the butt for me to upload, but I'll still try to as much as possible
Lol indeed Cheezie XD

Although our rps were already rather interesting if I do say so myself
Oh Sethy, you adorable one. Jaxxon is gonna love you even more now that you can't help swearing.
this is freakin awesome XD

and re-vamping sounds awesome cheezie :D
Well we have a theme going on at the moment if you wanna post something for that, or just really post anything XD
Awesome Sauce, Can't wait to see it
Hey guys so we talked about doing Monthly Challenges, also known as Monthly Themes :D So here is our first one :D

For this monthly theme, please draw your character doing something that is related to EASTER :D Draw them in an easter related outfit, and maybe show them celebrating easter in their own special way :D

Have fun guys :D
:( I'm so sorry about your pets. I hope you feel better soon..