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Moon the shiny umbreon
I love Pokemon! Especially eevees and I love: Eddsworld, Undertale and drawing!
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@Edgelord: No SHE started choking, and then I did because I started laughing at her reacion
@Guest: no, he meant sans as in undertale sans.......
@ILoveFancomicsNStuff: Its like when your in your room and all of a sudden your parents call your first, middle and last names and your eyes widen, as you think: At this moment (ur name) has f*c*ed up (dats me lol)
@Random FandomZ Channel: I showed this comment to my friend, she started choking on her taco and the I started choking XD
@Pikadex magic: Yeep! Fancy to meet you too ^^
@Random FandomZ Channel: Cool! I wish I could draw people like that, I can draw animals very good, but not people lol
@Random FandomZ Channel: I have a question, In this picture there are 4 people, Are those you guys? 0w0