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I like pokemon
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I want to see more of this as soon as possible
Its probably going to be aezaes tale[s]
If diancie does he dies
Bullies could have been a cause
If it was then fight back
My dream is to nuke there house obviously I can't do that though
Such a shame that's I can't
Why did this just appear for me
Does the map lead to the pichu's
They seem like cliffhangers
Why is everyone of the pages a cliffhanger
Is the pichu the one that you have to get in order to unlock the celeby event
Does eevee. Transform when asleep or just when he us knocked out
It is really well done as if you lived like that for a while
I just guessed it was a boy I didn't thing I was wright tho
Is this some what based on you life only with a lot of discusses to funnfuse is like the mutation and the nicrausma arms