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Leaf ?
C-c-crazy kids. And Cannibals.

Icon art not by me. ):
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    S-DAWG u dig?
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ahh smoking is unhealthy!
bahaha...haha...ha. is it sad I'm enjoying this problem in their relationship? i thin i'm just lusting for the homo hurrr.
fff baww that's so sad. And I agree about the filler posting things, I kinda did a double take to figure out what she was talking about shh I'm lame. :D

Haru. * U*
you have a very interesting style of noses haha it's cute.
pfft derp this whole page is cute hahaha.
d'aww last three panels are so cute. Haha this chick is growing on me aughh * ~*

I CARE ABOUT YOUR STYLE, YO. Just have yet to see something I don't like ohohoho it's true.

hey I'm curious about this rouet thing haha. Looking forward to it.
Monday's nose looks awful pointy.
Poor clover.

Haha how lovely. (:
Leaf ?
September 29th, 2008
... I like Ren's piercings a lot. C: And uhm his attitude. I actually have yet to find a dislikeable character in your story. :D

But, you must understand, Monday is just too delicious to torture like this. ;Q;
OH LAWDY Second panel sent me on a giggle fit. Congrats on the 900+ fans silly lady. :D HOSHIZZLELIZZLE that is one rad song makes me feel like dancing in rainbows. Thanks for shariinggg. :F

Andrea is one cool cat. I love how she gleams in the last panel. *A*

ahahahaha poor you having to hide your homo. ]8
Wow this kid is cool. C: Loving his pose in the the first couple panels.
Leaf ?
August 4th, 2008
Awww, Jura. That kid's cute. C: I dunno why, but the way you layered the students in the first panel is really cool. Especially the height differences and stuff.
*3* kdlkdahsomgg. How did I miss this before? I love it<3

ohmai the hair swirlyss<3
I like those floating panels above his head. xD
umg, he's cuteee. xD
That Rie reminds me of Amu because of the poofy top hair jazz. :D
Looks like Amu. xD
Dotty looks quite yummy. :D
Why can't you do it digitally? Do you not have the tools or do you just not want to do it? D':

Ticky, you have no idea how awesome your style is. You're storylines toooo. ><"
I adore your speech bubbles and sketchyness! Yummy. :D
Jura looks like he wants to eat the guy in the 4th. x'D He's uber cute. >]
Your artstyle amuses me so much. <3<3 I just adore it. *3*
Ebony's grin smirk thing makes me wanna go jhsgadjgd. xD;
Wow...Moe is freaking spazztastical. xD
I love it<3