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Luca the gay agender
I'm just a queer who enjoys art and stories :)
@kidcthulhu: With typos I'm never sure if it's some slang word I don't know or just internet language XD the struggles of being multi lingual haha
The title confuses me because I'm not sure if you meant it to say "Louvre" instead. Either way I love it, Rodin is one of few sculptors I'm somewhat interested in (paintings just speak to me much more).
Yay! I'm glad something good came from this
Huh I definitely didn't see this coming, but that's an interesting development
This is absolutely amazing, there are so many things to look at (and worry about) XD
Oh wow...
I wonder if Pearl and Heaven will meet up at some point and what she's like.
@kidcthulhu: That's adorable, I never knew birds were so friendly. They don't get enough credit as pets it seems.
Suddenly this chapter became very short after I had cut out the extra scenes and dialogue.
I had nearly given up on this comic, but then suddenly inspirations struck. I finally wrote an ending to the script and cut out the unnecessary parts. Not going back to a schedule, I'll work on it when I feel like it and upload in bulk. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to finish this story. The style keeps getting simpler (also my marker ran out of ink so I inked with fineliners again).
@kidcthulhu: Thanks!
I keep forgetting birds are an option, even with all the different animals in my comic I haven't planned a character with a bird for a pet... My father really likes birds but he's very opposed to keeping them as pets. I hardly know anything about birds, are they friendly and do they recognise people?
Cats are the best reward.
When I finally convinced my parents to take a third cat, they told me the same thing. I hardly ever cleaned the litter box and now I don't live with them anymore. I wish I had a cat, I grew up with cats. Even the birth card my parents sent to family and friends had a cat on it. Are you a cat or a dog or another pet person?
Who knows, an interdimensional portal might be fun! The other things are pretty bad...
Huh I was not expecting this, poor Pearl seems to have had no idea either, I hope it will end well for her!
@kidcthulhu: It helps that my comic is in colour so we can see their eye and haircolour as well as their skin tone :)

Thank you!
She's so precious
I'm worried for her
I'm so glad I don't drink coffee, I think this will stick with me now XD
Haven looks great, very natural, very calm. Poor Zen just looks like he's over it.

In Dutch we combine all the words in single words XD Children would always try to make up the longest, ridiculous, confusing word. Sometimes I get confused now because of English and write things separated in Dutch, I feel like I'm forgetting my mother tongue because of the internet hahah
I'm pretty satisfied with how the gradient from cold to warm worked out. Starting therapy of any kind is scary, but sometimes it's necessary.

Soon I'll start writing my bachelor's thesis. I'm a bit scared, my entire studies this has been hyped up so much by all the teachers saying it's going to be so hard.
@kidcthulhu: I don't know her or the game, but that design definitely looks unique! Very cool :)