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I love anime! I love to read fantasy books with young characters and a little, innocent romance. I draw a little anime myself, but I still need to practice...
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What type of tablet and computer program do you use to create your comics and other artwork?
What kind of tablet do you use? I want to get one, but I'm not sure which one is good that I can afford. XP
I got my Hotaru shirt and it looks awesome! Thanks! :D
I want one too and autographed, but how will you know which one is to be autographed or not and to whom?
You should make a special chapter! I love special chapters of Katoo and Mayura. I'd love to read about Katoo, Mayura, and Shin's relationship. ^^
So Katoo finally realized that Hikari is a "her". (Or he knew the whole time...)

Love the story! :D
September 27th, 2009
Love the action scenes!
How do you get your lines to come out so dark when you scan it? Do you use a pen? Or do you make it darker with PS?
September 20th, 2009
I love long comics!
It's better to get the whole story out than to cram it all into a small portion.
September 19th, 2009
WOW!!! Love the story!
But I guess Maya isn't the K.E.Y anymore, is she? (If she ever was that is...)
cute story!
but...if i remember correctly...didn't you have a little be more to the story? did you take out some pages of the story? just asking cuz i'm was pretty sure there was a little more...
Just absolutely LOVE your comic!
And I was wondering where you got your toning patterns and brushes...
wow, and all along i thought maya was the KEY.
nice to have you back. :)
March 3rd, 2009
thanks :) that gives me an idea of how to start now. :D
March 2nd, 2009
wow i totally love this comic! i love the way you draw and everything! but i've always had a you draw on paper, scan it, and then use tones with photoshop or whatever? or do you just draw right on the tablet and fiddle with page from there?
just a question from a person who wants to start a comic herself...
you do such a great job! i'm looking forward to each new page in your comic ^^