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@Darvin: Wow you are right.
The female has shorter than the male.
I didn't knew it. Thank you for you help.
@Darvin: I checked the offical picture of sneasel, and the ear is long.
Finally, here is the cover of chapter 2.

I am curious about your option. This was the first time I draw a sneasel.
Finally the last page of the first Chapter. Now come, chapter two.
I know the view is little weird but Krita fooled me so I had to make a photo of it with my phone.
@Guest: Is this a joke or something negative?
I am just curious.
Excuse me the late update. I caught cold so I couldn't focus on my art.
what do you mean?
Here is the next page. I'm sorry it took so long.
I'm sorry the bubble side. The panels were to small.
I'm sorry it took so long, but here is the next page.
I'm sorry it took so long but finally the second page is here. The third come soon.
I know the opening is weird but everything will be clear as the story goes. As you see, the first page is here, so now I will make the second page. Don't worry the girl will not die.
I really like the expressions on their faces. I wish I could do that in my comics. And as I see, you got a lot of fan. Keep it up! :)