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Normal page on Sunday, as usual!
@anasofi3210: Thanks! It was a challenge getting everything looking nice and clear while still being dark enough to imply night.
The only way I know to end conversations is through having a character literally run away
A friend who respects your boundaries
Get yourself a friend that doesn't question why you're alone in a random alleyway
Personal space?

Apologies for the slightly late update! Had everything ready to go but got caught up with Mother's Day.
But at least I got to spend the day with my Ma. Hope you all's Mother's Day went well too!
Lookit that second panel! Mm!

Also: Trying to draw Sam more feminine
So I thought the twist was going to be that without hope he'd no longer have a reason to keep living.
Oh no
Nooo, the postcards sold out :(
Dynamic posing!

And yeah, I changed the cover, again.
It's a feature, not a bug!
You never know what to expect when you open this page.
@YolkenEgg: I don't get this comment. Why isn't she capable of killing for herself?
The other reason is one permanently naked person is enough for me.

ALSO he's supposed be trying to look like Sam in the last panel. Curse my inability to draw a character the same way twice. Well, just think about it as him being a little bad at visualizing her.
J likes being higher than other people so I try to draw her physically above all other characters if I can.
I think this is the first time I haven't?
I like how he backs away when she gets too close.
I like the rain. It adds a nice texture to your art.
Also I thought at first that she was just going to let herself die but now I'm worried she'll try to resurrect him
"posted December 31st, 1969"??
Made a mistake with the comic page sizing on pages 13 and 14- I resized before adding text instead of the other way around accidentally, resulting in the text being comically large. I have no idea how I didn't notice for two weeks, but it's fixed now.
Also kinda reminds me of Pet Shop of Horrors
March 3rd, 2019
Damn, I love how expressive your characters' faces are! It's rare to see that with a more realistic art style.