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The concept for this character is that her face is an octopus and her hair is ink. I'm proud of her design and just wanted to point that out.

Also, I was so conflicted about whether or not to put shadows for Eli and J.
On one hand shadows make everything look better. On the other hand shadows don't really make sense. I mean, neither they nor the tentacles are physically there to block light. But they look like whatever they want to look like so maybe they can make dark areas that are actually just a part of their form? Anyways, what are your thoughts?
@BBeth: Thank you! Hopefully the rest of the comic lives up to your expectations lol
August 23rd, 2019
@Rust: Thank you thank you! Glad you enjoy!
The postcards are back! And there's two more! I just ordered the whole set, here's hoping they put some color and cheer to my desk :)
August 18th, 2019
All I wanna be is someone who gets to see a giant woman.

Alternatively, Eli touches a naked lady without her consent.
Your wonderful words warm my heart.
Thanks, I'm really making an effort to make it look nice :)
@anasofi3210: Thank you!!
Here's a place where I put a bit of myself in my character.

Maybe don't give up your whole life to do this, but it is nice to go out and just see the world by yourself sometimes.

Taking a walk on a cold day at 3am, where the only movement is the soft rain reflecting off the streetlights- it's wonderful.
@Casinopeia: Thank you for such kind words!
The first panel is shamelessly copied and pasted. The last one is not. You can tell by how in that panel the proportions look completely different from how they were on page 31.
So I know I said on the last page that I liked the no furniture but now I'm getting kind of bored of it.
There are only so many ways I can draw people interacting with an empty room.

(Also sorry for the slightly late page, I'm working full time and studying this summer and ended up working for like eleven hours yesterday. Which I know is normal for a lot of people but it's a lot for me. )
I'm having fun with those ponytail movements.

Also, so glad I made it so that his apartment doesn't have furniture. Not only is it in character, it also saves me so much time. I can never keep things consistent between panels. Have you guys noticed that in the last scenes here his kitchen didn't have a stove?
Normal page on Sunday, as usual!
@anasofi3210: Thanks! It was a challenge getting everything looking nice and clear while still being dark enough to imply night.
The only way I know to end conversations is through having a character literally run away
A friend who respects your boundaries
Get yourself a friend that doesn't question why you're alone in a random alleyway
Personal space?

Apologies for the slightly late update! Had everything ready to go but got caught up with Mother's Day.
But at least I got to spend the day with my Ma. Hope you all's Mother's Day went well too!
Lookit that second panel! Mm!

Also: Trying to draw Sam more feminine
So I thought the twist was going to be that without hope he'd no longer have a reason to keep living.