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Meep! Heldo! My name is Jenny and I love reading books and online comics. I'm not an artist, but I do love looking others drawing. I hope I make friends here and with the people who makes the awsomeness comics ever! :3

Have a nice day! ^w^
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He remind me of my younger cousin, who won't stop talking until she finish what she have to say XD.

I'm very sry to say this, especially to the plp who loves to talk a lot...but I had the urge to pull out a duck tape and tape his mouth XD.

As always, keep up the good work ^w^
They're just so darn cute X3
Oh, ok. Now I can see it :3
Hewo :3
Lol, poor Adres. The background on panel 1 kinda threw me off bc I wasn't sure if she was still in a building from the previous page or in some kind of weird space time portal...or something XD.

As always keep up the good work ^w^
meep :3
I just want to say that I truly, adore, his hair in a ponytail, bc, to me, it make him look attractive :3. The part I like about when you draw Adres and Laura is their legs bc, you didn't use human legs, but almost animal-like legs, and that's wat makes your character so unique ^w^.

As always keep up the good work.
Oh. Welp, I still love it :3
Awesome job on the background for each panels ^w^ (especially the snowflake in panel one :3 )

Keep up the good work :D
-___-! What kind of food he's been eating to make him taller...


sry, just want to get that out. XD
*blink blink*

I was thinking Valentine and Cyrus are twins, was separate by their evil mother, then Zebediah know about it, so he decided to kidnap, Valentine, bring him to Cyrus, and...@-@, and obviously, I was wrong XD.

XD Wasn't expected that at all!!!
Keep up the good work :3
Hope Doctor Ganong can fix Adres up.

Keep up the good work ^w^
A superhero, huh? lol, he now needs a cape and a mask. XD
meep :3
I think you did a good on the x-ray panel. You got every part of the hand bone right...(if that even make sense ^^!)

New character, Yay! He remind me of someone in real life...just can't remember who :P.

Keep up the good work ^w^
meep. :3
Been a while since I comment this comic. Anyway, thank goodness Adres will be alright ^^.

Keep up the good work ^w^
...I had this strange image that he looks like Bugs Bunny in the second panel XD.

Keep up the good work!
Awwww, that's sooo cute.

The drawing, not the flea XD.

Seriously, good drawing ^^.

Oh! and Happy Late B-day, Fed :3. *gives birthday hug*
*gasp* OH, no. He is seriously injure >_<. I hope Paladin and Laura get down to him soon. I notice something behind Adres in panel look like a ghostly figure of him...interesting.

What crystal.exe say is true, you're drawings, tones, and other stuff you do is what a great comic/artist person would have done to make comics, pictures and drawings bring out the attention of the viewer :3.

As always, keep up the good work ^w^
Wow. Adres is definitively tearing W.A.L.L.Y into junk and all his blood cover almost all his's gonna take a month or 2 to get them off of him XD.

As always, Fed
Keep up the good work :3
I think she deserve it. *sigh* I don't know almost anything about love and what it feels to have your heart-broken...but, it does not mean she could go can kill yourself just because that person she love, could not love her back.
Ello, Fed :3
Honestly, It's about time you finally include Laura and Paladin XD.

Adres look kinda scary in the second thing that pop in my mind is he almost remind me of chuckie ( not the character on rugrats XD). (dont mind that comment, it's just a thought :p)

Anyway, Is that Adre's front paw in panel three? It look twisted...o-o


As always, great job!
keep up the good work :3
Okie dokie :3

I understand now. Thanks for clearing it up for me ^w^.