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I like to draw :/
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@eevee64: baby says what?
@Creamy Eevee:
No there not related *dosent really know*

Dusk is gonna hook up with sora "duh"

Probably is looking *dosent really believe that*

And yes your questions are answered. But there probably not right.
@?̴͖̥͍̣͚̱̯̟̳́̃̆̊͜͝?̴͓͇̟̬̲̻̠͐̆̌͊̕̕: guessing game umm...
Silver wing can not control
Not in tell the bell will toll
In tell the moon is at it's full
All will get a push and pull
After he is fully healed
Silver's fate will be sealed

Do I win a prize?

Edit: I spelled most of it wrong oops XD
Where did Nego get those clothes from?
No wonder vay hates blizz
Blizz just wants things that vay has
Why do I feel like that the voices in blizzes head is a bunch of dead eevees?

*remembers that really old movie*
(Bob) doesn't feel south Charles