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What is this? Who are you? Where did I come from?Whatever... I'll just follow you around forever.
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Omg the lighting and colors on this page look amazing!!! <3

I really enjoy looking at the last panel, the stars and everyone looks really well done!
@SketchJelly: Haha if he was able to shoot lasers when angry he would probably have fried charlie and his fam when they were over at his house before! XD So thankfully he doesn't... But I'm going to now always imagine him with laser eyes in every situation! XD
I bet she just wouldn't leave him alone and he was just too much of a pushover to tell her to leave. And now that she is distracted he's taking his escape!!! XD Or just saw something behind him that REALLY wasn't worth staying for. >3>
If I watched scary movies on mute I probably would be considerably less scared than with the "horror" music and random noises. xD So I completely understand James! It can be so scary sometimes. ;3;
Yes, go to the weird fish lady in the middle of the water. Nothing could possibly go wrong!

Still, I really do like the way she looks. Pretty cool!
Please tell me he is going to chuck that pokeball at him. I would love to see him either K.O. Khan or tip him over at least.
I'm waiting for him to flip his hair out of his face and stare menacing at him while spouting having supernatural abilities. XD
I wonder how close these two will get thanks to all the ghosts and whatnot... XD
Holy crap the panel angles make it that much more foreboding! o3o And dang does she look cool. xD
Awww this page is just full of adorableness!

Considering they already swapped gloves and an apple... I think they already went on a date! ;D They just don't know it yet!
This has probably been the most annoying mission ever. xD Annoying kid, zombies, annoying possessed kid, green goo, and now the pole almost crushing her...
Aww you made her sad. :l Lol but that look in panel one is priceless!
June 17th, 2014
Haha that owl is so adorable and funny! xD I hope she can manage to draw it before it flies away or something. >w<
Lol can't leave without the cereal? xD
Whoa that looks amazing! Is that hinting that they're going to be stuck there? o:
Wooo! Bring me along please! Wha-I can't come? Waaaaa no my dreams are ruined.... T~T

Haha this page is filled with excitement! xD
I can just picture her thinking "I just found them lying around... in your room. Finders keepers." Lol I like her. xD
This has definitely made my night. Beautiful page! I love the way he looks in the second panel. <3
So he still doesn't know that Mr. River is dead, right?? Is she ever going to tell him or let him figure it out himself?