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Snapety McSnap
@caleb the riolu: I don't-you did-whaaaaaa?
@Logical: They do to mix! They're both spiky.
Yes! I was right all along!
FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!! :3
Psychic type moves have no effect on dark types. See? You do learn something new everyday! :3
@Milkbone the umbreon : Good I evolved a lot of Pokémon on Pokémon go
@Milkbone the umbreon : hi
@FinleyTheVaporeon: i like Dusk, as maybe you can make out from my profile pic
@Skylar the shiny Eevee: Fire and grass don't mix well...
When this came I was like "FINALLY!!!!!!!" 😹
@Snapety McSnap: I broke the webpage somehow:3
THIRD! Also Pink Eevee, you inspired me to make my own comics. I've made 4 comic strips so far.ALSO first to rate.
@Milkbone the umbreon : thanks 😸
@Milkbone the umbreon : I evolved 2 of my Eevees on Pokémon go today one was an umbreon and the other was a jolteon i named them after the characters in my comics
@Snapety McSnap: I even have dusks bio as my iPad background
@Milkbone the umbreon : thanks 😺
@Milkbone the umbreon : No I mean mystic is lucky because he/she has let's go Eevee and I want it and I don't have a Nintendo switch yet.
@Milkbone the umbreon : Pink Eevee inspired me to make my own comics, too!
@Snapety McSnap: Also my friend Dakota (boy) his favorite is sylveon