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I agree with UkeUnderDog. Where the funk is everyone. I was planning to post something as soon as the collab actually starts, but yah. And my computer that works with photoshop is being arse raped by a random virus thing so I drew this then took a pic of it.
And that is Astor's pajamas, I guess.
YAY, my OC =w=
Fun facts:
-When alseep he has a tendency to cuddle with the closest thing or curl up into a ball.
-For pajamas he wears a large dark blue long-sleved shirt and his light blue boxers with black cats on it.
-He's a semuke(both seme or uke) who stands at 5'6"
-He's a black belt :D
-When skating he ties the green things on his fav pants (in pic) together to avoid possible concasions(sp?)
-He has randomly cute moments when he is midely angry (not enough to make him try to kill you), upset (sad and stuff), or wants something
-I made him during World History, YAY!
I got bored
Yah, may drawing/coloring style changed alot since I first posted here :3.

I got masivly bored and decided to draw myself speaking gibberish, like normal, with Caramel and Becka there to witness the random :D.
Aww, he looks so pertiful XD!
And you did okay his hair, I even have a hard time with it.
Sry, its uber late
I've been meaning to make a comic, but then I started procastinating. And then school started stressing me out and using up all my time OTL.
I'm sorry about the screen-toning suckiness. I'm still practising it and I also rushed it along with the drawing part.

And that is supposed to be Eri and Rose.
He sounds super awesome :D. I can actually imagine Kenneth sneaking off with one of his dresses and wear it "when no one's looking" (like the "closet" cross-dresser he is).
I can't wait to see him in action.
Its okay that you haven't posted it till now. And you can take your time on posting other pages in the future.
Sorry, I haven't posted in a long time. I'm busy with school now and I'm just lucky school was cancelled tomorrow.
And well, yah...I have no real reason to draw this comic other than to show that I'm still alive.

I wonder how it will work between Tokyo and Kang :D.
D/O/B : August 4
Astrological Sign : Leo
Blood type : AB
Pets : in America-two small dogs
in Phillipenes-about tenish dogs, two birds of prey (don't know kind), two cows, a whole lot of chickens, and I think a pig (IDK if they've already eaten it D:).
Fav food : SWEETS :D
fav color : black or crimson red

-I'm addicted to drawing and reading fanfics.
-At times I've been called insane and once I've been called a mix of every type of everything (personality wise I think).
-I can become very hyper fast then return to being shy and withdrawn fast.
-I lose my train of thought easily if distracted.
-I like eating dessert first :D
-I like screaming out random stuff when I'm with friends
I suck at titles and backgrounds :D
The one saying "Hey!" is Kumo.

I messed up on what Mikio was saying.
I colored Mikio what I thought he looked
good in, sorry if it's not the right
It's going to be interesting to see how
it goes with Mikio and Kenneth living under the same roof :D.

On the last panel this is what Kenneth and Mikio are saying:
K: Well, you better make room!
M: How about, No!
K: There will be room for us, or else.
M: Oh, I'm so scared. NOT!Leave.
K: No, it took us forever to get here!
Just so you know, they are half-brothers. They share the same human mother.

Name: Kenneth (red haired kid)
Race: Human
Age: 17
S or U: Uke
Likes: Having his way, video games, his laptop, and potatoe chips
Dislikes:People getting in the way of what he wants (to a point), people picking on him, and school
Personality: He tends to bitch at people from time to time, normally when he's upset. He actually can be very nice to be aroundand friendly, if you don't get on his bad side. He is a bit manipulative, especially when he pulls out his mega-uke charm (you know, the big-watery eyes and pouty lips thing and yes he can actually do it almost perfectly >_o ). He's not afraid to curse people out, no matter what time or who they are. He's very open-minded to new ideas.
Extra: If you can stand up to his bitching and make come-backs, you've earned his respect. And if you can do that and end up macking him shut up and your a hot seme, you've got his heart and respect. Somet, when he thinks no one's looking he will wear girl's clothes.

name: Kanja (blue-haired kid)
Race: Half human half dragon (dragon half-breed)
Age: 22
S or U: both
Likes: technology, sweets, reading, anything having to do with bubbles, and learning new things
Dislikes: Obnoxious loud noises (but he tolerates his brother), sour food
Personality: H's a bit on the quiet side. And at first impression he appears to be shy. He actually is a bit of spazz, especially when it comes to tech stuff. He's a bit of a push-over, especially to the pouty lip look or puppy eyes.
Extra: He enjoys messing with all sorts of gizmos of all sizes, big or small. But sometimes he breaks the stuff he tinkers with (he accidentaly blew up Kenneth's laptop once).

Both boys get along with each other pretty well. They prtective of one another (bur kenneth denies that he cares for Kanja)
@Kitsune of the Sun:
Actually I just used my Adobe Photoshop Elements 3 :D. But I did use refrences from the actual anime I got this from.

It's all about trial and error (I think that's the saying).
Yah...I got bored >_>
Yah...I worked on this since I came back from the allergist's. This comes from a bit from the Azumanga Daioh opening.

And yes that's Eris and Adam. Why Eris is driving, all I can think of is driving lessons <_<. And that Adam is helping him.
I put Eris there because he's the one I imagined right at first who would do that. And Adam yah, i just a sudden urge to draw him in it O_O

And this is to show that I'm not dead D:
Age: 3 (age by human: 33)
Height: 4 ft
Gender: male

He normally seems to be in a hurry. Trying to do productive things or keeping the others happy. At times he seems a tad shy but can be very talkative. He's an Albino rabbit.When he has nothing to do, he sits down to enjoy a good book and a cup of tea. he tends to act sophisticated (Sp?). he has a tendency to get on peoples bad sides because of his tendencies to try to obey rules/laws

Likes: running, reading, staying on time, tea, and keeping things neat and organized, rules
ikes: being late, being yelled at, things that might want him for a snack, a disorganized person/place

Extra: see the watch on the corner. It is drawn to size (YAY massive clocks :D) and it is his
Srry for not being active D:
Well, I have no real excuse '_'...I feel bad. But i was in Florida for about a week and stuck in my condo for another (no tablet or scanner).

I tried cell shading in this picture, but I think I failed. This is for the theme (a.k.a. fancy-pansty). Well I think it's fancy >_<.

Her dress comes from another character I made found here:
don't look at my account there though. There is yaoi (srry I'm a yaoi and yuri fan D: )
to kityuri
Join plz *puppy eyes*
Yay back to DH. (sorry I haven't been active in any form for about a week, I forgot to tell you guys i was going to Florida ^^; )
eri: *being poked* Eppp D:. I think I'll my room *flees*

Brian:What now...CANDY *flies off to the candy store*
Brian: *cries* I thought you were a goner *snuggles deeper into Eri's jacket* I didn't want you dead I wnated you here with me

Eri: *doubled over in pain* Brain...

Brian: *tears* If you died, who would buy me all the sweets I want D:

Eri:... You just killed what could have been a very emotional and heart-wrenching moment =_=