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I like anime, manga, and video games. I draw a lot. Sports I do are horsebackriding, archery, and badminton. I'm pretty lousy at all three. I always bite more than I can chew, hopefully at least one of my comics will keep going in the long run.
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Abstergo looks like a very horrid place to work for anyone with about as much sense of direction as a brick.

I have an innate fear of cubicles. Makes me feel like a rat in a maze. >_<'
It is as if Ubisoft knows precisely when to smack me with new information. >_> Something new pops up strangely soon after I make some declaration of not really wanting to draw Assassin's Creed stuff... but still... DEMANDS FOR FANART MAKE KAXEN RAGE. :< YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO DEMAND FREE ENTERTAINMENT FROM STRANGERS. I LIKE MONEY AND BRIBES NOT WHINING AND COMPLAINING. Pretending you pay attention to me for stuff besides fanart also makes me less likely to want to privately stab you for whining about a lack of fanart. Actually paying attention is nice too. :< I HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF ASSASSIN'S CREED YOU KNOW.

Check out the website: if you have no idea what this comic is gibbering about.

As much as I like combat fans (ILU old Chinese Kung-Fu movies), they simply aren't very high up there on the useful/intimidating list...

...and the particular fan on the website is well... PINK and black... and Kaxen has a vendetta against pink and black rivaled only by pink and army camouflage (STOP DOING IT GIRLS FASHION DESIGNERS OF THE WORLD)
derp derp
Is a stump dumber or smarter than a brick?

I just know cement is smarter than a brick.
I don't care left or right on the location of Assassin's Creed 3, but I've been daydreaming about Desmond getting tasered...
Yeah... I know this is not a comic update. I'll have one up in a day or two.

I got this shirt from Ubisoft.


I'm told it will be used as a prize for a contest on the Ubi forums (dunno when) so keep an eye out!

Basically the same design as the original Hay May Contain Assassins except switched to be Ezio and vectorized so it could be printed all gigantic-like (the original is not print quality) and the lines are less lumpy looking.

I also got a HAWX, Avatar, and Rabbid shirt... my brother took the rabbid one. The HAWX one is made of out really soft fabric.
Yeah... Escort Missions and Kaxen don't get along.

Escort Missions and Kaxen and Driving can only go MORE wrong.

Kaxen can't even drive in her imagination. ;_;

Those wanted signs are in pretty damn ridiculous places sometimes...

And since I'm incompetent at Italian, assassino sounds cute to me because it makes me think of bambino...
I absolutely HATE speculating about love interests (I don't do romance. Fictitious love is categorized as "romance I didn't mind" and "romance I hate" there is no "romance that I like"), but love joking about the spawn.

...assassins reproduce with mitosis.
Kaxen is stubborn like that.
Happy Non-Denominational Winter Holiday
I will be on indefinite hiatus from drawing anything Assassin's Creed.

Great job ruining Assassin's Creed 2, everybody.

I have also stopped allowing Guest posting. You need a Smackjeeves account.
...well, someone sent me a screenshot of Ezio and Machiavelli.
Since I won't be playing on release day thanks to life, but I do want to see Machiavelli! (and I know someone's gonna just power through the game). I'm holding a contest for screenshots of Machiavelli!

I will be posting random screen capture missions throughout the rest of November as ideas pop into my head as I play (and don't worry PC people, I'll do another cameo contest when the PC version comes out).

Anyway, my plans for when I get my mitts on Assassin's Creed is probably power through it! I said I'd take my time for AC1, but the plot made me just wanna run through the game faster!. xD

I'm not sure if I will stick to it, but for curiosity's sake, I'm not buying a single weapon and blowing all my money on throwing it at the floor and hookers!
It's Assassin's Creed 1's second birthday

((I don't trust Altair with fire))
...I blame the ESRB

Some scenes take place inside brothels, though no nudity or sexual acts are depicted. The dialogue contains the following sexual references: "So the whip or the paddle today?" and "Does your wife know about your page-boy fantasies, Captain?"

Out of context-ness (seeing as I have no idea whom it's being said to) makes my mind wander... I have some weird mental image of a really kinky Ezio...

Brick of Justice
Paddle of Lust

What's next?
this really has nothing to do with anything
What does being rated E have to do with anything? :<
Ubisoft is making a soccer game and Altair is on one of the teams.

And since Lineage part 1 came out, I suggest checking it out

...comics regarding Lineage will come eventually.
Watch Dev Diary 5.

And AC2 preview