I like anime, manga, and video games. I draw a lot. Sports I do are horsebackriding, archery, and badminton. I'm pretty lousy at all three. I always bite more than I can chew, hopefully at least one of my comics will keep going in the long run.
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This is my father's reasoning on why conspiracy theories suck.

Though it is true to some degree. >_> some conspiracy theories seem to believe that the FBI/CIA/whatever is like... America's hyper-competent nefarious butler... and that the human beings behind century-long conspiracies are impossible to distract... Have you tried keeping a secret? IT'S HARD! As I would assume by how many people need to post their conspiracy theories online!

My conspiracy theory opinion is the same as my opinion of (outlandish) slash pairings: hard to take seriously, fun to joke about.
I always thought vampires in (elementary, middle, high) school was a stupid concept... doubly so when the vampire in question is actually very old and probably has a grasp on anything he/she would need in daily life...

And apparently "I want to be a rocket scientist" is one of the valid (to me) reasons for a vampire to stay in school... well, higher education in technological fields makes sense. That stuff would change drastically over time.

Also "Vampire Rocket Scientist" is very fun to say.

As much as I believe in education, I still think at least 50% of the crap you learn has no real-world use for anyone with no intention of specialization or going on intellectual game shows (though I don't see upper-division math very often on those even). That and I believe in self-education seeing as I've learned more from internet and TV than public school...
Based on a true story. Except it was funnier to draw the kid a little traumatized. In actuality, my little cousin didn't seem to be bothered. Then again... he cited "I want a gun" as his reason for wanting to join the military...
...I suppose this is why I mainly know people who either wear a hat at all times or never wear hats.

I'm becoming very attached me my hat. I shall name it "Chess Waffles"

And we braved the ocean together and therefore we're friends. :< This makes sense when you haven't slept.
I'm pretty sure at least 50% of kids 7 and under would consider a 3ft square box of nothing but packing peanuts and styrofoam balls and bubble wrap an awesome gift for at least the first thirty minutes.

Hell, I'd go nuts with a roll of bubble wrap... BUBBLE WRAP IS GOD!

Though kids these days seem intensely worse at amusing themselves. So many kids drag their DS-es and stuff everywhere. I don't see that many kids who can stare at a box or a stick and run off with it to play some weird-ass game they made up in five seconds but has semi-coherent rules (or at least rules they can attempt to explain to another person).

Excerpts from a paper which I got a B on and used the word "ultimately" seven times for no good reason and two sentences in a row at one point.

If I am cramming for a paper (as I am right now!), I have a tendency to use one word way too much for no apparent or good reason. I guess it's easier to pad if I pad with the same word redundantly.

Last essay, it was "ultimately" and this time it's "largely"

Though the essay itself is supposed to analyze a film, it's largely about how much I hate hippies and how much I hate (ill-thought-out) anti-war messages.

War is a necessary evil and brings out the badass in all of us.

... and frankly, some people really do need to be stopped. It's pretty fucking hard to say you should not engage in war when someone is doing stuff like trying to destroy your livelihood. Nonviolent protest only works on people who care about PR and/or don't have the means to shoot you all for disagreeing.

Now going about war intelligently is a whole other can of worms.
Abstergo looks like a very horrid place to work for anyone with about as much sense of direction as a brick.

I have an innate fear of cubicles. Makes me feel like a rat in a maze. >_<'
It is as if Ubisoft knows precisely when to smack me with new information. >_> Something new pops up strangely soon after I make some declaration of not really wanting to draw Assassin's Creed stuff... but still... DEMANDS FOR FANART MAKE KAXEN RAGE. :< YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO DEMAND FREE ENTERTAINMENT FROM STRANGERS. I LIKE MONEY AND BRIBES NOT WHINING AND COMPLAINING. Pretending you pay attention to me for stuff besides fanart also makes me less likely to want to privately stab you for whining about a lack of fanart. Actually paying attention is nice too. :< I HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF ASSASSIN'S CREED YOU KNOW.

Check out the website: if you have no idea what this comic is gibbering about.

As much as I like combat fans (ILU old Chinese Kung-Fu movies), they simply aren't very high up there on the useful/intimidating list...

...and the particular fan on the website is well... PINK and black... and Kaxen has a vendetta against pink and black rivaled only by pink and army camouflage (STOP DOING IT GIRLS FASHION DESIGNERS OF THE WORLD)
Was watching What's Eating Gilbert Grape? during English class.

Was bothered the whole time by the main character trying desperately to recognize who the hell he was. Looked up later that it was Johnny Depp.

But the only character I gave a shit about was the undertaker who obsessively drives his hearse everywhere hoping someone will die...

Then in a conversation, I started joking about how morticians probably get Disaster Bonuses instead of Holiday Bonuses.
Americans have this thing where they love to rename objects associated with anything they hate. Well, other countries have done stuff like that, but it's funnier when you slap "liberty" and "freedom" on absolutely everything...they tried to rename Dachshunds "liberty hounds" and sauerkraut was "liberty cabbage." And Freedom fries... and I assume, Freedom Toast. I don't think enough people eat French toast for it to matter. And French fries aren't even French... they're from Belgium.

The US during WWI was inhabited by people who don't see anything wrong with changing German measles to liberty measles... don't we want the Germans to have the bad stuff? O_o

...In Ailnea, they amuse themselves by eating effigies.
Some random tangent while thinking about bows... Drawing Epifan in absurdly huge bows makes me giggle.

...I'm not perfectly sure what the self-defense laws in Epifan's country of residence really is...
Kaxen-Land bricks have no affiliation with Free Masons and their affiliates... like Templars...

I think this is the first time the blonde henchman's name has been mentioned in a long time. His whole name is Herrick Heydrich.
More random tangents thanks to Daybreakers.

As far as generalities go, vampires are pretty bad at thinking up ways to punish each other that don't involve killing each other.

Though the one that wins the Darwin Award is "I'm going to make that guy I hate and hates vampires into a vampire. LOL IRONY" which is about as intelligent as handing your enemy a gun... especially since LOL IRONY will probably swing back around and the new vampire kills the old one...

And yes, that is Vampire Machiavelli.
The concept of Daybreakers makes my mind wander. Also, against my better judgment, I want to give Frankie a great big hug.

The nerdy vampire's newspaper reads "Birth Control Made Illegal
Fundamentalists rejoice, then eaten"

How much does turning into a vampire heighten your senses? Will a nearsighted human just turn into a normal sighted vampire?! Would a legally blind (legally blind is not always total blindness) person become just a nearsighted vampire?!
...damn them boobies being in the way! D:
Born of a conversation with Kanuch on fungus and zombies...
I assume this is the natural conclusion to zombies under the sea.

Can zombies eat animal brains??
Can zombies survive underwater?

Has anyone ever written a zombie/mermaid romance?
I'm in an "animated comic" mood.... though this time it was "I have no idea how to make an earthquake look like an earthquake with speedlines"

First thing I did during an earthquake was save my work in Photoshop...


That and I'm not sure where the hell you're supposed to hide. They used to say "door frame" but now the door frame is bad. Then they said under a desk. Then they said next to a desk! But other people still say under a desk.

I think it might depend on the desk. IKEA furniture never feels safe. ._. The IKEA bunkbed shakes so hard when you climb to the top (just keep stuffed animals and random stuff up there).

I always thought earthquake preparedness in middle and high school was total bullshit. YES, A PARTICLE BOARD SQUARE SMALLER THAN YOUR NOTEBOOK ATTACHED TO A CHEAP PLASTIC CHAIR WILL TOTALLY PROTECT YOUR WHOLE BODY </sarcasm>

I mean really?!