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Volt the fox :3
I know that the name I chose is weird, but I only chose it because of a dream ...
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OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder what will happen next
well that's an interesting way to start I wonder what will happen next
This looks interesting: 3
Happy Valentine to all!!!!!!
You're welcome :3, but you can tell me the names of the comics so I can read them, well I hope everything goes well for you and the comic I wish you a lot good luck x3
OMG that was beautiful to be honest that made me cry
I wonder what Vecio is thinking.. °^°
To be honest, the cover caught my attention a lot~! It looks very interesting and cool too
the cover looks amazing ~ !!!!!
this is getting exciting X3 well i will go for option 2 and 3 also
She is super crazy but I have to admit she looks cute in the last panel
That's great! X3
Good luck with the comic!
Well well well that sounds interesting and it's a great thing that have pirates I have not seen pirates in comics and also good work in the title looks super interesting