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Volt the fox :3
I know that the name I chose is weird, but I only chose it because of a dream
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@LuckyPuppie:Awwwww your profile picture is soo cute~!!! <3
Stella the vulpix has blue eyes and a scarf the same color as her eyes, she is also part of a rescue team, she is Volt partner and girlfriend, she is calm but very brave at the same time, you can say she is braver than Volt , she is 14 years old,she is older than Volt for 7 days, her mother has always told her not to trust the Zoruas or Zoroark for they abilities, but she never cared about it and that's why one day she met Volt and spent a lot of time and she ended up falling in love and becoming his girlfriend, she loves to show her great love to Volt in public or alone and wishes that when she grows up she has two daughters (Star and Aira) a son (Voltky) with his beloved and she wants to become a guildmaster when shes have the right age,she loves Volt jokes.
Yes is a nice place to be with a girlfriend
I was wondering if I can say another character because I have seen people say more than one character then, I was wondering if I can say one last character pliz? x3
Well that's an interesting theory
I also felt a vibe that was temporal tower, but I saw that had grass and I realized that was not temporal tower
I think they will have a serious conversation
I don't know Rick he seems very suspicious
That's cool
@Menshoy Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja you made my day XD