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Volt the fox :3
I know that the name I chose is weird, but I only chose it because of a dream ...
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Hmmm suspicious: p
awww ... George is so cute when he's happy! :3
Congrats silver! :)
I love your comics a lot!
OMG that leafeon looks so cute !! :3
Take all the time you want and have a good Christmas! :3
yay !!! a zoroark! X3
I feel very bad for karin: "(
Do not tell me they're going to fight :"v
At the time?
I think you're right ... I guess I will not say that again ...: P
Come on, lazuli, just say it. I know it's not simple, but try it! X3
I'm going to die of such beauty! :3
I feel a little bad for George :"/