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Bolt TH
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you havent seeeen art yet
i have a friend who allows me to show off her work

take this!
lol im still here

It doesnt effect the wild abs

Bolt TH
April 25th, 2009
word that keeps popping up in my dreams and i dont know why

i request (if you havent done them) Rotom and Regigigas
This is what happens when you run with scissors
did everyone take the gift wrapping class? *presents are all blue*
i second what elda said
anyway...check the news and please comment. i might make an intro comic to the idea.
your plot you decide
red an old Nline comic, superyoshi cloned himself
shoulda used yoshi clones
if its supposed to be a plot...A+!!!

making it
The right gift the low price!....ACADEMY!
sorry i heard that commercial tooooo many times....

anywho...this is 1/5 comics i promised this least 4 more to come
hooray for demonified christmas!
dont complain or ill ban you for a half second