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Ardat Lilitu
I'm an italian artist. I grew up with comics and video games that have influenced my life. I spend all my time doing computer artwork doing commissioned illustrations but I've always wanted to do comics. For a long time I did not draw any more, but one day I played Duke Nukem 3d, which brought me back to my teenage years. So I decided to pick up the pencil in my hand and draw again. This is why I wanted to pay homage to the duke with a comic book. A forgotten and underestimated character but that I love and hope will come back.
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    Laura Nardoni
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Wow, I didn't think I would make so many. Even if the story I had in mind would have been many more, but who knows. I really enjoy drawing it, even though it's often hard to do everything myself.
Duke need to come back like the old days. He's a strong character
I'm back to photoshop and i feel so goooood
This is my last attempt with Clip studio. I'll come back to Photoshop because I feel more comfortable and natural to me. It a good program, but I feel conditioned by its tools in some way.