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funny and a little short i look one year younger than i rEALLY am
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    Chris...what you want more?
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Shes not a female barney <.<
im the only one updating and i dont have those permissions
It was rushed.
Just woke up.
We dont have to let it end.
And thats Dillon.
Momo died and was resurrected into him.
If people update Ill post his sprites.
Yeah look sonic11 is here and he updated.
Yeah me too.
Thought I was done with this part of my life.
But no I had fun here I made friends.
Why let it die?
I have reasons for not updating.
One of them being I had a new account.
Never got to rejoin.
But Ill come on as sonic11 periodically to update this.
Dont let it die guys.
Help me out!
yay me comment on dead comic
can i cameo heres hatman`s sprites if i can
sunday is my bday you guys needs to get me somthing not that anyone will ;_;
Okay so yeah evil Momo not done yet...but here are some sprites Im workin on by myself. Here are the names of the characters and what they are in order from left to right.


Chris-human WIP


Sonic2-clone WIP

Metal Sonic2-roboclone WIP
happy birday
or is he?! DUNDUN
Bloody Momo!
so confusing tano
If that was a pile of ashes it would have looked alot better.
SO yeah Momo`s necklace hides a horrible evil will show how it survives and attacks later
OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD -marches with sign that says old- OOLLLDDDD