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Maru Exposito is an animation/comic studio founded by Mar Exposito, author of the Believe in Fake Magic saga. We encourage people with fictional characters whom they can relate to and can lift their heart! Our goal is to create stories to make people happier so they enjoy a better life thanks to the values received through our comics and animation. Also, we aim to help environmental organizations with our profits. //

First webcomic: Windy Lightning //
First animation: Return the Favor animated short film
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    Mar Exposito
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@XxKiiTabikixX: oooh! I never thought of that. Now I am considering options myself. Such as melted caramel.
@XxKiiTabikixX: They are made of butterflies and chocolate!

Thank you for the info ;)
@XxKiiTabikixX: I love the problem "have a cat on you" and its magical solution *_*
December 11th, 2018
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: Maybe it is too suspicious? But if the little brother is already starving... I hope the wait is not so long.
@Lady Lu-san: We need to give them more love ♡
PS. Bug solved! Thank you for your advice :D
@Lady Lu-san: One must feel some downs to enjoy the ups T^T And yes, doing manual stuff is often mesmerizing. In my case, drawing is the thing! Sometimes I even forget eating...

By the way, I suggest you check the "news" I just uploaded ;)
December 4th, 2018
The rabbit that is about to jump is saying "I'm coming, mom!" because the mother jumped before,.. or because the rabbit holding his/her hand is the mother? I am confused :(
@Bliss: I see, awesome! Thank you for your quick reply ^^
@Bliss: Thank you so much!! I am so glad you are liking the art :D I am curious, in which part of SJ did you see it? "Rising stars"?
@Lady Lu-san: I knew it! I am not alone!!
The owl is back
Zaruno notices something suspicious!
I hope you are liking this pinky-purple atmosphere :3
Do you have loud ringing bell/alarms close to you??
I actually grew up extremely close to a bell tower like this one. It sounded every 15 minutes (even int he night).
Sound: Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!
The team
AhhhAAAHH I love drawing hair. I said it!!

Ok, be serious. This time they split differently for this different and more difficult task! What will their strategy be?
The soldiers
First adults, we see in Windy Lightning! And they don't look welcoming D:
I am curious, how did you found out about this webcomic?
What your eyes see
BIG START! The thief team is right where we saw them before in chapter 1. Wendel has a plan in mind and Xeico seems quite suspicious about his sudden change of behavior. Same as chapter 1, the first 6 panels are full color. How do you like them? ;)
@Lady Lu-san: Good question! It is a good enough bird call that most humans would doubt whether it is a real bird or not. And yet it is bad enough the other members of the team know it is him.
@Ens-8412: Yay! I am glad. Thank you :D
@Ens-8412: Thank you very much! It took me various sketches until I found a way to draw magic way in a satisfying way *-*