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Maru Exposito is an animation/comic studio founded by Mar Exposito, author of the Believe in Fake Magic saga. We encourage people with fictional characters whom they can relate to and can lift their heart! Our goal is to create stories to make people happier so they enjoy a better life thanks to the values received through our comics and animation. Also, we aim to help environmental organizations with our profits. //

First webcomic: Windy Lightning //
First animation: Return the Favor animated short film
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    Mar Exposito
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@Gamegod018: Fast judgment skills are meant to help us survive. But, whether the judgement is accurate or not... that is completely a different issue :0
@Gamegod018: Thank you!! T-T
@Gamegod018: *Fingers crossed*
@Gamegod018: That's a great place. I also enjoy hanging out in there.
@Gamegod018: Cat sounds handy! About the cow... it depends on your surroundings I guess lol I am not sure on how would I use that in central Tokyo lol.
@Gamegod018: Five siblings! I am so glad to have the approval from someone that experienced :D!
@Gamegod018: Trying to control those too powerful... classic and very human, right?
@Gamegod018: Right!? Please help us <3
@Gamegod018: that's always a good start, right?!
@Gamegod018: A black wolf... that could fit him!
@Gamegod018: Thank you <3 (author sends virtual hug to lovely Gamegod108 reader)
@Gamegod018: I am glad! I love engaging in comments so I tend to leave questions to get to know you and start some fun/nice conversations ^-^
@Gamegod018: Thank you so much!
Tension? Pressure? Nah...
I admit I used a Return the Favor shot as a reference for that first panel x'D Why re-drawing everything from scratch when you have the same character int he same point of view? He needs to have a consistent look anyway soo...
Training error 404
What would you do in Wendel's situation?
Sorry Wendel, you were walking too slowly :D
Do you know how fast do we judge others when meeting them for the first time? (Do your research if you don't, it is faster than you may think :P).
I am not dangerous
This panel took me like 8 hours or so... I still don't like making backgrounds so it was a pain. However, everyone who's seen it says it is worth it and I really want to show you as well as possible how I imagine Soleil. I hope you like it!!

PS. What do you think about Wendel's mantra?
Smile always make things better(?)
And that's Wendel's sense of humor x'D wait, did he just call the dragon fat?!