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Maru Exposito is an animation/comic studio founded by Mar Exposito, author of the Believe in Fake Magic saga. We encourage people with fictional characters whom they can relate to and can lift their heart! Our goal is to create stories to make people happier so they enjoy a better life thanks to the values received through our comics and animation. Also, we aim to help environmental organizations with our profits. //

First webcomic: Windy Lightning //
First animation: Return the Favor animated short film
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    Mar Exposito
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@Lady Lu-san: Awesome ^-^!! I am so glad it sparks interest. It is quite tricky to focus on someone else's story, missing the main character for so long. But it will be worth it!
@El Adri 2004: And we didn't even have a data back up! T^T
@El Adri 2004: And it is a very elaborate recipe!
@Lady Lu-san: Hahah thanks! I thought on merchandise but if it is pure gold it may be too heavy to ship around the world or even to carry it O.o!
@Lady Lu-san: Little sisters made of honey. So irresistible!
@El Adri 2004: Congratulations! That is great ^-^
@Lady Lu-san: This mini-comic happens previous to chapter 2 events so...
Aaaand that furniture that looked as it is important is cracked now D:
Impressions on chapter 3 so far? :)
Something is coming. Neliomar and the phoenix be like: \ô ô/ (0_0)

ATTENTION: We just caught up with the old website. So, from now on we'll go 3 panels weekly = 1 PAGE/WEEK. That is the original speed.
Sharp... gloves
No, it doesn't sound like a microwave alarm when the Core's Energy hits 100%. D:

Nooo! Why is he pushing her!? T_T
Drama sensors reacting
I think she just realized about something... Maybe.
"What are you doing... ?" (continue the question)
Not so safe experiments
What is at the end of the well is not water. Just saying.
Curiosity killed the... ?
Magical creatures
Neliomar, female, is a water dragon. And YES, dragons in my universe *can* talk! I hope you enjoy her design and personality ^^ Also, in what animal is the king based on? Kruna is a lioness.
Maybe not in the same style as Caral, but she IS cute T.T

By the way, the is sooo much important information in this chapter. Sore more obvious than others. I suggest you come back later and re-read it after there is more story online. You'll find nice things. :)
The research
How cool is the king so far?

PS.The disease... O.o! Apparently, not everything is going well in that kingdom.
@Lady Lu-san: Oh!! Very interesting votes, thank you :D I love seeing the reasons behind them
@Little Smile: Indeed. Mr lazy guard deserves lots of attention!!
@Lady Lu-san: Thank you so much for your enthusiasm. It means a lot T^T!! I am so glad you are enjoying it
@howard: Unless you have an account at SmackJeeves, I would say Disqus. Otherwise, you may not get notified if I reply to you.