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Maru Exposito is an animation/comic studio founded by Mar Exposito, author of the Believe in Fake Magic saga. We encourage people with fictional characters whom they can relate to and can lift their heart! Our goal is to create stories to make people happier so they enjoy a better life thanks to the values received through our comics and animation. Also, we aim to help environmental organizations with our profits. //

First webcomic: Windy Lightning //
First animation: Return the Favor animated short film
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    Mar Exposito
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@Bliss: Thank you! ^.^

We always finish the full chapter before publishing. Ch4 is almost ready too but due to the short film production (same WL story), we may have a short hiatus.
@Detrah: Thank you! Please take care, there is no need to apologise for breaks. We're getting this awesome comic for free! I just wanted to show enthusiasm for it :)
A very clean hand
Wendels priorities be like:
Grab strongly the non-human lady hand > fly away through a wind absorbing window

PS: No, we didn't forget to paint her hand. This is intended :)
Non-estable magic
Even the Phoenix is fighting not to fly through the portal which Wendel is already entering. No reason to freak out.
PS. It may not look like it, but the panel in the middle was one of the toughest to paint. Except for hair and skirts. Hair and skirts are always nice.
Very windy
We just officially caught up with chapter 2's storyline ^-^

Also, please vote:
1. Wendel needs to put on some weight (he's too light for his own sake!)
2. The portal is now the most powerful vacuum cleaner!!
3. Others
Font change alert
Does this scene remember you to a kids game? I don't know if it exists in other countries. In my native language, it is something called "the onion puller" (l'arrenca cebes).
Warm up before exercising!
The message
To the past
Time to take some action. Although the Phoenix seems to be missing his life long friend.
Err.... wasn't it a different year the last time we saw the machine? :P
Mum knows something!
Ugh I want to know how the comic continue T^T
@El Adri 2004: I hope not! I plan on reading the end of it x'D
@El Adri 2004: Agree! In a selfish point of view I think I would go to the past if I knew the present won't change (I like my life x'D). I would like to see some extinct animals though...
@El Adri 2004: Such a successful flight! Looking forward to the landing.
@El Adri 2004: That sounds like a challenging level! But maybe if the phoenix throws fireballs to the distance and Neliomar grows wings we could survive it.
@Lady Lu-san: Awesome ^-^!! I am so glad it sparks interest. It is quite tricky to focus on someone else's story, missing the main character for so long. But it will be worth it!
@El Adri 2004: And we didn't even have a data back up! T^T
@El Adri 2004: And it is a very elaborate recipe!