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Hmm, subtle foreshadowing... Love it!
I love the emotion in the faces, it's amazing!
The eyes again.... XD
Ah, was wondering when the tooth issue would be noticed. XD
I still like the look of that language. :D
Yeah, I totally didn't google it remember... nope, not at all.
Sounds like a good enough reason to me!
Ah, the irony...
The tree didnt like the claw-treatment. A subtle nudge was all it took. ;)
Never underestimate someone so small!
Yeah, the irony...
I like the details!
Usually a kid would groan and practically melt from boredom over just SAYING "archaeology." :P
The scam, gotta tip my imaginary hat to the Smeargle. Well played.
Hmm, well alrighty, I'll wait for you!
Took me a second to realize I could actually READ that. xD
This has to be one of the best filler pages I have seen, for some reason it's actually pretty funny!

Good job!