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Yogfan | 18 | she/her

Hey there, I'm just a nerd who loves creating webcomics for my stories. I'm huge into My Little Pony, Steven Universe, and Legend of Zelda. Please check out my works and I love all of you <3
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Napping after hard work. I relate to that on a spiritual level.
"I'm going to take a nap"

Right after working, too. Link and I have something in common I see.
Don't be racist Gan, that's rude.
Glad to know that Zelda is on the anti-socks and sandals train.
@Koal: Ganondorf is cursed with age immortality. While he continued living, other male Gerudo continued to be born. Neviah just so happens to be the most recent male Gerudo.
@littaly: Thank you! I'm glad to hear that you enjoy the story so far!
@Koal: It's actually once every 100 years that a male is born, not 1000. And the story takes place 2500 years after OoT, so there's plenty of opportunity for a male to be born.
News Translation
To those who can't read the Hylian in the third panel, here's the translation:

"Demon King Ganondorf steals the throne"
"Princess Zelda and Prince Link missing since Monday, claimed to be dead by King Ganondorf"