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I like night fury’s, anime, dragons, foxes, and snakes. I currently am working my way up to be a great marine biologist.
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Also, i use the name nimbus a lot. lol 😆
Same! Hey that stupid heart condition must be awful! Lol, i love this comic! :3
@Ulta: ok, I understand.
@Hope: question; are u good at drawing?
@Hope: i can help u make a comic! I’m not SUPER busy. Soooo... yes then?
Also, I have a submission, to see her, go onto a comic here called ODD MAGIK. 😋
I have already started my comic, but I really think that a need a GOD site for comics to do the rest on. (P.s. for my comic 🦅/🐆/🌨# snowy leapord griffon! ;p)
@Ulta: um, I just wanted to ask, is their a site where you can make your comics on?