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52 year old male of mixed Caucasian descent.
Likes gaming model building web-comics and Anthropomorphic Characters.
Tends to post as a blue limbless cat that eats Shogoths,and bad dreams, that acts as a part time star ship pilot and gunnery tech.
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November 14th, 2019
Go adventurer reflexes!

Now, I'm going to make myself some tea.
October 12th, 2019
It's beginning to sound like Buttercup is not the only person being paid in "Worthless" Priceless Ancient Artifacts.

May have to start asking for basic pay in advance.
Who the Hug is for...
Some times when a person gives you a hug, the hug is not for you.

The hug is a point of contact, it reassures the one giving the hug that you do indeed still exist, and are therefor personally important.

As a priest of the perfect embrace, this hug is hereby given to inform you that you not only worship the gods, but the gods also worship you.

You have been hugged. You are allowed to feel weird about it.

Itsune9tl, Huggee cultist.
Micicle needs a hug!
Group Hug! Everybody pile in!
Scary Mom
Does that lady have six tails or is she just wagging one in agitation?

One that tends to jump to conclusions as well. Don't worry Buttercup sh' is not angry with you.

I think Yamri knows what is going on, but has to stick to regulations for some reason.
You've got broken PHP code in the Comment link.
The fault may be with Smack Jeeves but I had to go to Smack Jeeves directly to log in instead of being sent there by the Comment button.
Funny, a MOM is trying to indirectly MOM a MOM...
I Detect the Sounds of Silent Snark.
Quick Put the Cardboard box of invisibility over them!

Enjoyment is. Thankyou.
Coat Rack?
So what would have happened to Leo if More than Embi-Mom (forgot her name :( ) had showed up?

I'm Thinking that most of the colony knows about the situation, if not the full details.
@Aeon#3547: In one of my RPG campaigns my Character was a priest for the Seekers of the Perfect Embrace. It took about three sessions before the Dwarf of the Party asked why My character was always wrapping his arms around my foes to which I replied, "It's an act of Worship for Huggee Cultists."
Glowing wheelie things...
First question for me is how bright do they glow? if it's bright enough to read by, make lantern boxes, and kill the lights. That saves some power. Did they get any thing that they can use as a heat source. Depending on how hot, you either put them in the oven or the fireplace. If your apartment has a regulated heating your heating bill may take a nosedive. Some one may come around and ask questions as your power bill drops.

I would also be looking to see if some one would be willing to pay for access to study an artifact or three.

he could also go look them up in the tomeatoreium.


In the meantime have a Nyan.

Other than that it sounds like Buttercup is trying to be responsible about things.
I've had dayslie this.
Wake up, check date, consider what you have to do today that you might not be able to afford. Scream into pillow so you don't wake the neighbors. Mmmm... Bacon...

At least they let him wake on his own...

Nyah rating is Nyah!.