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Arthur The Shiny Jolteon
I’m here cause the “Eeveelution Squad” comic caught my attention
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    Arthur Morgan
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Hey PKM , what was the original idea you had in a first place to create this masterpiece ?
and You call me spam , how ironic 😂
By the way , your profile image looks awesome
This is my Main account, John is my alternative account and Jack is my reserve account
ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSES! Guess everyone has a counterpart
The first one is pure , the second one Is Black and the third one is Kris and Flare .
How to camouflage a sneaky assault at the boys room
CC: I’m not a curse, suspicious....
Pearl uses Tactical Unlock
Hostage has been rescued , good job eevelution rainbow 6
Crystal : It’s all gonna work at the end...
2 soldiers down , send reinforcements
Leafy got BUSTED , mission failed
In Special chapter 2, Flare was in berserk mode level 1 and 2 , I think those are 0 and 50% control, the level 3 (this one) must be 75 or 100 % control
Wait a second , that’s frost’s scarf..
Also , the father could think his own daughters killed their mother or he is a berserk type 3
The mother of Lazuli and Leaf was a Vaporeon , their father an Arcanine....
Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we found a Yandere type Pokemon
Now Speed knows the crush of Lazuli on him , guess they will be together in the end (unless....)
Hey look, Bolt it’s a shiny Jolteon , like me 😄
Hey @PKM-150,what was the idea that you had to create this masterpiece?