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Jack The Shiny Jolteon
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Seeing Kris, and Speed’s opinions about the importance of the statues , I share Speed’s
Everyone has its idea for history importance , I see it as the actions of the past that writed the today
I See history as the actions of the past that writed the today , for instance , this awesome comic wouldn’t be here if in the endings of the 20th century “pocket monsters” idea was given and the first Pokémon episode released.
Now , looking at Pearl and Brian’s side , CC could have it under control , what would lower the “spread” chances , if you are on one side or the other , comment below which side you support
Resident Evil 7 reference 100% well added ( if you don’t know the reference , in the DLC called “Daughters” The Baker Family (Our Squad) finds a little girl (CC) who takes control of the family after revealing her true identity, so..... it could happen , so I stay at Black and Rin’s Side , unless anyone can change my mind
Does anyone noticed that the 17 eeveelution on the squad are in total 9 females and 8 males ?
Anyone saw that in panel 5 Fluffy is already 95 % a true eevee ? , a part on the torso and right arm still black , but the rest of his/her body is from a real eevee
Why does Flare do not realize Fluffy just changed genders ?
WHAT JUST HAPPENED , Fluffy got cured , shut down (inactive) or is a new stage of the bond ?
Why the Flareon hug reminds me of a kid with his mother?
Because they could be related ...?
(By the way , Speed’s orphan story is too similar to Mollie’s widow story.
Gai:you and Molly are very alike in personality-wise
Maybe , @Trigon7 ‘s theory could be right after all , just like mine
Anyone notice that when Axel throws the water to Sunshine , she has her eyes open?
Oh god , you could be right , just like my theory of CC being the daughter of Speed and Lazuli in that parallel universe
THANK GOD nothing bad happened, by the way , Flate stills in Stage 2
NOOOOOO , don’t give chocolates to Flare !!!!!!!!
But looking the good part , we will see in which state Flare’s bond is
It’s his fault this time , he understood one thing when it was a complete other one
Poor Speed , getting RKO’D by 2 girls #Stop abuse to Jolteons
Kris and Silvia are Creeping , both are like “Cupids” to Speed and Lazuli