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What’s the Speed reck count ?
Flare is way more confused than normal , and the fact that Speed and Lazuli called each other with their names , it’s making the ship come true, 1 step at a time
Idk if this is an alternate version of Flare or our Flare , “those worlds” makes me confused
I just realized something , what if Fluffy touches the orb and his physical form gets out of Flare’s body but the bond remains ?
My theory: Speed got turned into a cyborg after he touched “the device” and it can take control of Speed in situations like these
Yes , given to him by Jirachi in SC 1
Speed just lost his arm 😨Heal factor should repair that , also , what if the “light” is like , death calling Flare ? Or the sign that Flare will get the willingness true rebirth power?
This confirms my theory of Fluffy controlling Flare’s actions and behavior, because Fluffy would be the only one who would call Miss Icy to Lazuli
Flare is the most probable to die , knowing that at some point , he will have to use the true rebirth power , maybe by willingness
1. Maybe he is dead , maybe he isn’t and anger will take over him and stop the fight
2. Yes , you can join
Panel 10: there is a blood line going down towards Flare’s actual position ..
CC always accomplishes her mission
(Catch that reference)
Just like i predicted before , maybe someone will die in this chapter , maybe
4th panel :
Speed:Knows what is it but can’t remember
Flare:totally knows what is it
Flare will maybe try to calm her , fight her , or join her , but Speed , why you had to be in that position with Lazuli ?
And Kris is still with the Vietnam flashbacks , look at her , she is afraid of Flare going with them
Someone should animate the battle , it would be amazing