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@Tehpikachu: i haaaad to but i didn't want to! he's so stinky!
thank you tho! <3 im never drawin that **stinky** man again
@SeahDaLunatic: dont ask why but i thought a monkey being allergic to bananas was the funniest shit like two years ago
@WriterRaven: Thank you! I hope it doesn't disappoint!
Before we begin Chapter 2, it's time for a brief intermission! Who are these guys? What's their deal? Who knows!!

Anyways! After each chapter (and sometimes halfway through a chapter if needed) there will be intermission, which are basically going to be what some other characters are up to! Usually it will be Cyrus or Cynthia. Even though they don't feature the main cast, I still think they're pretty important to the plot so don't skip them! ;0 But for our first intermission we got these rowdy boys! I'm actually excited for these guys to appear again, they have really fun personalities to write for! I'll go more into detail about them later. ;3c It will be a little while before their appear again, they mentioned a few locations for some hints when, so look out for them in the future!

Also next part might take a little while, or it will go really fast. It's not complicated, it's just most likely gonna be kinda long!
@comercole: yep! sorry for the wait!
AND THAT WRAPS UP CHAPTER 1!! SO GLAD TO BE FREE OF THIS HELL CHAPTER! im so excited to chapter 2 yall, i hope you enjoy what i have in store ;3c i know ill enjoy never having to draw a rock type pokemon again!

if you're curious how the roark battle actually went, here's my gameplay notes!
VS Rorak
Aloysha/Geodude Mach punch (crit)
Gale/Onix Mega drain
Gale/Crainodos Leer/Mega drain

AS YOU CAN SEE roark was pathetic! So i had to have some fun spicing up the battle a bit!
@Kittenwishstar: i'm not sure why that's happening, it's appearing perfectly on my screen. is it like that with other comics, or just mine?
@Yolk: haha im glad you like her! let's hope she doesn't!
@FruityBerrySoda: Im glad it translated well! I had to use google translate for that lol
@Guest: oh? what one?
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: thank you soooo much <3 im still getting used to this site haha
the zubats? :D