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Hello I am Shyads

I draw stuff


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September 18th, 2019
oh the distortion across the neck. my heart. hhhhhhhhhh
oh shit, when'd you make new cover art, it looks great! Dynamic and dramatic, I really like the expressions on everyone
August 7th, 2019
@artofjoe: thank you for the welcome! I've been reading for a bit now and super enjoying it, but I'm also real bad at like. talking. lmao. I'm still here even if I go silent for a while

but uhhh since im here tho, might as well say whats been on my mind; your comic has me hooked. I love your sense of humor, I love your characterisation and I love how well you can translate motion in your action scenes holy shit. This definitely isnt your first rodeo, I think youre doing an awesome job with this one! Can't wait to see how it'll all end :o
August 6th, 2019
considering how long his backstory's been teased at? I think this was perfect, I love how youve been pacing things!
July 4th, 2019
im very concerned and have been for a WHILE
yo welcome back! id been waiting on this page with baited breath tbh, im so glad to finally read it!

I'm kind of questioning gender stuff again and this is a very interesting perspective :o

edit: how rude of me to forget, i do hope all's well on your end!
I feel so pampered cos I thought the daily updates were going to stop like, a week back or so but I'll still miss them!

Wishing you luck on the rest of this episode and beyond! I hope youll find a good balance to keep making this cos I'm still gonna be reading no matter what the schedule is
ive been WAITING for my fave to return for sO LONG, HELL YEA CLICK CLACK IS BACK
im so EXCITE
@JeyBarnes: !! I'm PUMPED!
I never want to stop looking at Ambrose's face, is he as fun to draw as he is to look at?

also special shoutout to my other fave; I adore Constance and I rly hope we get to see a ton of her in chapters to come
I'm absolutely living for your character designs oh my god where has this been all my life
this comic has ripped my heart out and stomped on it so many times and i have loved it every single time

take a WELL deserved vacation my dude, this was such a great ride!
Yo congrats on the comic making the popular section on smackjeeves! I hope this will bring in lots more readers c:
ive been wanting to comment since the miscarriage but just havent found the words to do so so heres my attempt

imho youre depicting these really heavy scenes very well. It's shocking and sad and horrible, but I sense sincerity, that nothing youve written has been done for pure shock value, especially in the most serious parts of this comic

so just, thank you for that, i hope you can sense the sincerity that im trying to convey here; cos i have a lot of emotions and theyre spilling everywhere
dude i have no idea how you manage to pump out pages so frequently and with so much story progression

all of your page updates have satisfied that itch for more story and then some, I'm honestly in awe. i hope this doesnt come off like, idolising you or anything like that i've just been forgetting to say so

that im really enjoying this story, thank you