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Eating/Clubbing baby seals, making little boys cry, iced coffee, console games, frogs.

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MicroCOCK PC games, Jimmy, kitties, puppies and rainbows.
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    Carly McGowan
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Woah. Now I'm extremely curious as to why he'd just snap like that. I have my own little theory, it'll be fun to see if it proves true. ;D
Love the forth box with Christo in it. It made me lul inside.

Anyway, just finished reading the archive. Very good sir, very good indeed. Definately be keeping up with this comic. I like how it's sad, yet has it's funny points too. And I also think Peter's a cutie.

Oh and PS: I'd take whiskey over wine anyday ;D
Hehe... straight it the point. I like it.
Hehehe... just the fact that he called Adam and Rick by their names, and just called the hippy "Hippy" made me giggle for some odd reason.

Omahgawsh. I must know who did this so I can shower them with praise and affection, oh yes. <3

Thanks, really. It's so awesome!
Oh noes, you found me D:
I only just noticed... I spelt grenade wrong. ArghkwhgaKR. I fail at life.
Hehe, cute. Though I didn't get it without that extra link either.
Anyway, cheers for the comment.
To tell you the truth I didn't realise Sami was a GIRL until this comic. It would've been funnier if she was a guy too.
But I love your emo-bashing humour. Total fav, man.
Holy shit that's so true. The Xbox controllers were the best weapons. They were so large and huge and generally uncomfortable - clubbing your friend over the head was the only good that came out of them.
Haha - I have no idea what song this is referring to, but I love the cynical humour in your comics. I've have to fav you!
And thanks for taking the time to look at my piece of shit comics xD
Heh, ditto with the first guy - I found it funny too. Also, I love the little images for your First, Previous, Next and Last buttons - nice one!
Heh, I don't know anything about 'college', and I don't usually find sprite comics interesting, but the little blurb on the last panel - I found that funny.
The art quality is very nice. I found this page's panels were a bit confusing though. Perhaps thicker borders?
Like this alot, but he dark gradient-type smudging over the top is a little off-putting.
Heh, I actually really enjoyed the jokes in this comic after skimming through it. Congrats on getting a scanner by the way. Ugh... I'd KILL for a working scanner right now...