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Ahm, hyper? xD lol yeah thats it!! and likes anime and manga a lot, constantly tortured by sibs and has a messenger of doom? OuO
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gyaaahhh hermes acted all cyutsey, couldnt help but lol @w@

but hades... ;n; ;;
he'll feel all us fangirl's wrath >8O + hermes' traumatized tho o__olll
just saw this now and really great! not only is the art good, but everything *stry, characters - in your version- * simply great!
d-d-dj glorix?! omg hiii! u actually started a comic ahck!! must stay tuned!! +A+

u know me ^^;;
waah pretty!! ^___^
you're soo awesome!!! xD

luv ure works!! xD
ahck he's a home wreker!! OmO;;;

wait that was spelled.. right... right? OuO;;
awesome!!! its really cool. the page is beautiful OuO
nice, this story is getting interesting OuO
ahhh thats soo cute!! insta watch >8D