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Where has comic gone?
This being one of my favorite comics I would like to see it back.
My word those are some beefy legs!
More people need to read this comic. Only 35 people are fans. 35. For such a great comic I wish there were more readers.
All say "i" if you dont like having your comments ignored. Oh and if you used to like this comic.
Face Palm
"Such and idiot... Since when did I ever say ANY of this idiocy? You see what he does? What they all do? They make all these random and absurd accusations to try and make themselves look cool, but it's stupid."

Lug read that. Why you be trollin on your own comic? Calling someone stupid because people dont like your comic. People that used to like your comic. But dont anymore. Wonder why? Because this is boring bland pointless and unfunny.

Oh and im guessing the 64 was foreshadowing not trying to be funny.

Edit: oh and you sound a bit insane. SEE WHAT HE DOES !!! WHAT THEY ALL DO!!!! AHHAHBHAHAHAHAA . Im Jesus!!!
I just realized that your comic has dropped from the top 100-200 to the thousands. lug take that as a message.
143 comics. >.< can this storyline just end already. Its boring. Sorry lug its true.
Didnt mean f off to readers!
Its supossed to be random and how do you know if its not a Lugbzurg robot????
Im back after a long time of doing absolutely nothing!
I am taxman
Tax man will make you all pay!
Im sorry way late response yes please it would be helpful!
Im stopping reading
I love the comic no matter what but im stopping reading this story line because well.... im atheist
Is this me or do I think this comic sucks as much as mine
No comment. Other then wow.
Im back!!
holy shit whats going on? Theres 62 comments! or thereabouts....
thats stupid! she should die or be knocked out and wake up in hospital meh!
i might unfave this the fighting is almost as boring as my comics......
Can I have a sprite just like this but with peasents clothes and red skin no hair? and one with those clothing red skin no hair?
make an animation plz lug!!