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Self hating otaku
Just a buncha cow butts
Here we go into chapter two! Thanks again for reading!
Lol glad the eyes get ya. I agree about the “oomph” thanks for commenting and reading!
Good to hear! Thank you for the comment! C:
Hrrrmmm... still debating. Thanks for the input. Happy you like the story! Thank you! Appreciate the complement!
Haha glad the cliffhanger got you. I like the color too. You have some good ideas, thanks for the advise and comment!
It is hard but, if you’re willing to be patient with me I’m willing to get better and faster haha. Thanks for sticking with meh. And I plan to finish this story c; thanks for the comment!
I keep fuggin’ forgetting to draw them haha. Glad you like!
Thank you!!! I use manga studio... er, clip studio on iPad and sometimes on a pc. I’ve never heard of Krita. Is it easy to use fonts? That’s the biggest issue I have with clip studio.
I’m excited to see what’s behind door number 1!.... ok I’ll show myself out. Lol. I’m ok if you use my comments. Good luck with your thesis!
Chapter Twoooooooo
Hey everyone!,

First- Thanks for all the great feedback. I decided to stick with color. I agree with what a lot of you were saying, and some scenes I have planned out that will hopefully look kewl with color. I'm excited @w@ !!!

I want to say again, I really appreciate you guys and love your comments. With my chaotic schedule I won't always be able to reply back- but know ILU<3 and I'D TOTALLY SHIP US.

So here we go into the second chapter- see you guys next week!
I’m excited to check it out!goals are good, don’t loose focus!
End of Chapter 1!
Finally at the end of the first chapter!!!! Y’ALL HOOKED!? THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE DED!? WUT!?

I’m in intense deadline mode since 2 weeks ago at work. And it’s going until June. So I’ll update when I can. Once again, thanks for reading!

Also- I could post faster if I didn’t color. My style is more like, hatchy/ inky and coloring has been a challenge. I’ve also tried to be more anime style which I am failing at lol. And going between different programs it’s hard to keep consistent. Let me ask you guys, would you be ok with black and white or do you crave ze colour? Do you care more about getting content out or quality of pages? Or don’t care at all lol.

Anyways, I might do some art for the webpage. Just know I’m alive and determined to finish this story, even if I’m gone for a few weeks at a time. Thanks again for reading!
This is true. You’re writing some gud drama! Can’t wait to read more *eats popcorn*
I really like the hunter/ satyr AU. I’ll check out tapas and see what you mean by ink goal. Hope your week gets better! Keep up the good work!
Nice body! I like your chibis too
April 19th, 2019
Kid Cole: “...... .......... ... ..... wtfjusthappend”

I adjusted my work hours so hopefully I can start posting more. Yay! Thanks for reading!
April 18th, 2019
Goddamn frikinfrakn mumble grumble. Read my comment below, lol.
April 18th, 2019
I was trying to justify them speaking to each other in a same language and Spanish would have been the most spoken in the old southwest. Also there is going to be some fun miscommunication to come.... *laughs miniacle and rubs hands together*
Always excited to see an update!