Greetings to all humans, youkai, and extraterrestrials! I am Lugbzurg; The Very Varied Guy!

I take an interest in a wide variety of genres, styles, and artistic mediums. Be it sprite comics or hand-drawn manga, I'm a jack of all trades!
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I have just finished drawing all the rest of the pages in this chapter. It gets a lot more interesting at this point, and I'm already seeing the artwork improve! I mean, I finally stopped avoiding backgrounds like the plague!
Been a couple weeks at this point, but...
Have no fear! New pages are on the way! It's about to get a lot more enticing!
@GabrielsThoughts: Isn't she just...?

Let's hope nothing TOO terrible happens to these two...!
@Popplio: I'm not sure how rapidly you can fire with a hand-cranked gun...
I'll give you guys an update here...
At this point, I have already finished writing and storyboarding the rest of this chapter ("Prelude Gaiden") and am now in the midst of drawing them. There's 17 in all, bringing this prologue's final page count to a grand total of 30. Hopefully, we'll be back on track real soon.
It's all standard procedure. Just make sure you don't put yourself in a position where you have to say "no" to that face!

IMPORTANT NOTE OF SATURDAY, APRIL 29TH: There is a possibility that the updates may take a slight pause momentarily, as I need to draw up several new pages to finish the rest of this chapter. I wouldn't call it a "hiatus". Just a bit of a lull. It should resume within a couple weeks.
@Stig Hemmer: That's... certainly an unusual way to put it...!

And I'm sure her unorthodox speaking mannerism is bound to stick around for quite a bit longer...
@GabrielsThoughts: Well, of course not! This ain't Yu Yu Hakusho!
Ok, good news. The next page will not be uploaded unfinished to be patched in later! You'll see a completed page next time. Hazzaugh! It took me a couple weeks, but I have finally reached basic competence!
This does not bode well...
@GabrielsThoughts: Huh... Quite a departure from your usual philosophical monologues.
Hopefully, this won't be a recurring theme. But at least you can kinda see how the production here works behind the scenes! (Yeah, I do this shade first.)
@GabrielsThoughts: Seems pretty typical of animation in general. Just look at something like The Fairly Oddparents or The Simpsons.
This place gets more unusual by the minute.
I'm sure she'll continue to be a good girl.
@GabrielsThoughts: I finally achieved cute!
And so... our adorable protagonist wakes up, at last!

I wonder what her name could be...?
@GabrielsThoughts: "Pinkie"...!? What!? No!

We've got some different cute over here!
Perhaps some joy can be found elsewhere. It is not allowed in these premises.
March 9th, 2017
@LavaBidoof399: And the context of "Sonic Boom" in this community has developed a completely different meaning since then...!