Greetings to all humans, youkai, and extraterrestrials! I am Lugbzurg; The Very Varied Guy!

I take an interest in a wide variety of genres, styles, and artistic mediums. Be it sprite comics or hand-drawn manga, I'm a jack of all trades!
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@GabrielsThoughts: If you're fired, it's rather unlikely you're going to be wet, unless the mafia kicks you into a river with a cinder block tied to your legs.
Whatever happens, they may not come out the same.

...or they might not come back out at all.
That's about the worst way to be fired.
@GabrielsThoughts: Well, that is generally how the practice of concealment works.
Time to headbutt the wardrobe!
Use the fusion command to combine pants with purse to enlarge pockets!
Well... better keep clicking on everything and using everything on everything. It's gonna be a long puzzle!
Perhaps she should investigate why there's a large tube slide going through her wall!
It just got worse.
Alright... I think maybe it's getting better, but do make sure you pay close attention to the sense of flow you place with the speech balloons, so the reader's eye flows across the panels naturally, instead of darting all over the place. There should never be confusion as to when what is being said when... unless confusion or overlapping conversations is something that's intentionally being conveyed.

Also, what exactly are you using here? I thought I read a mention of Microsoft Paint, but I'm not certain if that was the main tool. Are you familiar with GIMP?
It's free... Basically free PhotoShop, though a lot easier to use. I've been using it to produce comics for years, even Sonic sprite comics. You'd be able to quite easily apply things like curved tails on the speech balloons, transparent dropshadows and other cool effects to really make the visuals pop.
What is that...? A portal to Hell?

Have we dropped the Serious Sam and gone straight-up Doomguy!?
Now's not the best time to attempt being adorable.
What...!? You're in a life-or-death situation, too!?


Welcome to the... CLUB!
Whelp... time for a Special Stage.
"Mental"? Well, guess we're going back to Serious Sam now.
You know... this whole time, I haven't seen Shadow use a gun. Not even once... IS THIS EVEN THE REAL SHADOW!?
Ok... cease going Serious Sam and go Reimu Hakurai on this bloke!
Lose the Solid Snake. It's time to go all Serious Sam on these guys!