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Greetings to all humans, youkai, and extraterrestrials! I am Lugbzurg; The Very Varied Guy!

I take an interest in a wide variety of genres, styles, and artistic mediums. Be it sprite comics or hand-drawn manga, I'm a jack of all trades!
I wonder if it might be better to use something like "currently running", rather than "incomplete"? I mean, "incomplete" comes off as more negative, like a failure.

Perhaps "series" ought to be "IP" or "Intellectual Property", as well. I mean, each comic already IS a series in itself. Might as well just use more specific words.
It's finally here!
Now my stupid old Dark Sonic comic can die in obscurity!
Gaiden Chain will resume production in due time.

A new story arc is in the works, and the series will continue when this new arc; this new chapter; this new... "gaiden"... is ready.
In order to recontain her, they will engage their own procedure by any means unnecessary...
Greetings to all scientists, guards, and artificial life forms! I am Lugbzurg; The Very Varied Guy!

This is Gaiden Chain; an experimental and original webcomic series in which a docile artificial life form escapes confinement into an unknowing world. It is a multi-genre tale in which you must expect to not expect what's happening.

The first few pages may look a little cruddy, as I'm still a bit rusty. However, I've been making honest endeavors to improve the artwork over time. There's even a video trailer I made a while back, if that piques your interest...!

PG content range. Open to criticism. Generally updates on Saturdays.
The now-former project-manager and caretaker of the 13th and most recent entry in the "Zeta Experiment of Destruction" project of biologically-weaponized artificial life forms. Doctor Holland generally operates in a very calculated manor, though he possesses the looming fear that adamantly adhering to standard procedures may erode at his own humanity. During such events, he is prone to losing his cool. Steeg is not a cheater or a quitter, and he will passionately pursuit his goals, be they practical or emotional.
This... is where it all begins.

More than you realize.
She's not out of the woods yet...
If only her wings could function properly...
Such simple pleasantries were not to last.
@Everglue Horace: Did she ever even GET a haircut in the first place?
You know, there's always the possibility that... someone's not gonna make it.
Separated from the only kindness she's known, how much closer is her freedom?
@GabrielsThoughts: This doctor does appear to be the more emotional of the bunch.
@TehSkittle: Well, that's not where the song originated from...
Avoiding certain Doom, Doctor Holland makes his escape from the ORFC troopers.
As the danger grows, could this be a mistake? Let's hope they can actually see each other again after this...
@GabrielsThoughts: If you're fired, it's rather unlikely you're going to be wet, unless the mafia kicks you into a river with a cinder block tied to your legs.
Whatever happens, they may not come out the same.

...or they might not come back out at all.
That's about the worst way to be fired.
@GabrielsThoughts: Well, that is generally how the practice of concealment works.