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Himo Galanodel
Never use BMP or JPEG. Ever. And last time I checked, Photobucket doesn't convert PNG files. And the last time I checked was yesterday.

Oh yeah, work on your resizing. Alot.
Heh, not bad. I can see why Akuma made a fancomic for this.

Oh and 64Cheese, it'll be the basis for a new Legend of Zelda game where you play as Navi
My eyes! They bleed! What the heck did use to make that?
Your hadoken has a range attached?! You wuss, hadokens are supposed to have unlimited range
You think you're lvl 999999, but I went RM and edited your char sheet. You're lvl 30 now
I'm so evil
But it seems to suit Striker so well, if only it had me using the chaos-elementdouken on him
You're waiting till I make an 8-bit sprite sheet.

Huh? I have an almost completed sheet already? *insert scream here

EDIT: just finished my new sprite sheet, so get back to work!
No, no, there is charging involved, but I couldn't find anything to show you charging your hadoken. So the comic being so short is all your fault. *sticks tongue out*

I would have added you Flair except you're the current WS, and you know how that works
Okay, I didn't know until after the post that all sidekicks are classified as clones. Hadoken is shorter because Blitzdouken is faster
Okay, how to start off. In the characters in the first panel from left to right are as follows: Himo Galanodel, ScHimo(he's not a %#@$&^$ clone Striker!), and Steven(the author for my reports. That's Master chief armor he's wearing)

The reason that striker's Hadoken looks so awful is because of the fact that the person who compiles the sfx sprites at the site where I got them had shrunk and jpeged it *glares at Damien of MFZ*

Elementdoukens 0wnz j00!
Well then it's a good thing I joined the Radio Game forums and am work on an ultimate Chaos mode that has some actual attacks and just got sprites for some pretty powerful spells. For example: Meteor and Reaper Summon.
The one Sniper, TO RULE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!
that is a wussy sniper, my author character is the only true sharpshooter in the BTN forums. One of the only Halo players to snipe with a tank and one of the highest sniping ranges of the game.
that dog's to cute to have demon blood
Oh no, it's the invasion of the stupid questions. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!
Math25001 is a black wizard recolor first