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I like to draw (no duh) and write (no duh again) and to read anything (and I mean anything XD).I like to laugh. And I love yaoi ^^

I liked the older site design better. :C

I'm a French-Canadian from the province of Quebec! Yup.

I update when I have time. And when I feel like it. AND WHEN I DON'T FORGET WHERE I PUT MY SKETCHES T_T

Comic status...

Inheritance : Has a bajillion pages sketched, but none inked.

Snow-White Boarding School: Dead.

Journey Through Neverland: Dead.

London Bridge: Dead.
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September 18th, 2009
Nipples. And sorry for the crappy colouring.

@ Drawing wind : yeah XD
September 14th, 2009
Damned computer died three times while drawing this. And didn't save.
September 2nd, 2009
Ohoho. An update on a Friday night.
Caleb is pissed, if you didn't already figure that out.

@ Drawing_wind : yes. The door has a life to itself. ;P
August 26th, 2009
The door is scared.
August 26th, 2009
Caleb's a little betch.
August 26th, 2009
You don't care about the fine print in the first two panels.
August 26th, 2009
I will have a few info pages like this in the future. The story advances quicker, and since I'm a lazy ass, they work very well.
August 26th, 2009
I did NOT listen to Calle Ocho while doing this. I swear. The song probably didn't even EXIST when I wrote this.
FFFFF. It's so pink.
August 26th, 2009
Meet Caleb Silver.

Actual pages coming soon!
More Cold-ness :]
And his sadistic sense of humor.
I think Cold is my favorite character. :D He isn't very lucky with life. He's so cool :D
MISTERY MOM X'D Cold has 2 papas : Mr. Snow and Mr. White :3 Someday I'm gonna have to find him a mommy XD
Mr. White simply terrified Justin.
:D I had fun XD

LOL THEY HAVE THE SAME INITIALS it was intended XD Simon White + Walter Snow = WS/SW = snow-white boarding school XD *shot*
Drawing Justin non-chibi-like would be too long. And well... I'm a lazy procrastinator XD

Meet a teacher!! He is so.... randomly scary XD he is supposed to be stoic and serious and... well let's just say right now he looks like a clown. oh and not to worry : the little wavy-things disappear when he is not chibi.

Justin is so helpless he makes me despair XD
*sends love* yup yup, this place sucks, but you will survive because there are cute boys looming in every corridor!! 8D

Nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh I know he looks like a girl. No need to remind me. I know the uniform is girly, and that the fluffy muffle things are for girls, but so what!?! This is, I'd like to remind you, a yaoi comic thank you very much. So nyeh to you. o_O
Avoiding to draw parents...
At least now I drew something 8D

Hehe, random, fugly school. But it is warm and cozy and simple to remember how to draw (and where all the rooms are 8D) btw, if my epic pencil shading bothers you, say and I change my drawing method XD lol

That is the most retarded canadian flag I ever drew.
Hoshiz typos D:
[no comment about the typos. I know they are there and have absolutely no intention in correcting them sooner or later. I can bear with them, so so can you.]

Most likely. This IS a yaoi comic, after all 8D
Shiny bubbles!! 8D
Nyeh. At least it's not all black!! 8D

[by the way, the person talking on the lefter side is the mum and the monosyllables are said by Justin lol]
Although Elesmere Island does exist, I frankly am not sure about the penguins. No comments, I needed a reason to send him up there, people!! XD

And pages with only text are very practical ways to get a comic going without killing yourself on drawing useless scenes, helicopters and uneeded parents. So bear with me - just for another page or two ^^