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Aw Line hunn, this looks so good so far <33
Can't wait to
I think she is more evil than Biel xD
Worst torture ever! xD
*3* FOllowing you Aza <3
Waahhh!! <3
This is good so far my love! <3
I rly liked the last panel <3
Poor Kea xD
Yay!! This comic looks quite interesting ^^
I'll keep my eyes on it!

p.S: Your style remind me to Nana Haruta ;3
He's... *_*
Very interesting!!!
Awesome comic and gorgeous art u know :3
Wanna know how this will be going xD

So funny cat-man!

Nice job!!

I told you to rest at bed!!! You hit your head this morning ò_o
I'm happy to read a new HMT page but your health is first! >3<

Every time pass you draw better D:
So luckyyy~~

Luv you my dear Line-chan <3
Yay! Zoshi is love!

You also read Skip Beat!? ^^ I luv that manga <3
It looks so emotionant!! *_*
I can't wait for more!
Simply cool my dear Angi-vhan *_*
(/TAT)/ She's so cuteeee
Oh yeah... I know this feeling!
I was in a all girls school since I was 6 D:
Wow I love 3th panel!
You're changinf you way of ink, don't you? :3
This is so cute Linechaaan *-*
Boooys! xD
I wanna some like 'em in my High School hahahahaha
October 11th, 2008
*O* Quien la salvó fue el chico rubiooo, seguro <3
Muy buen cómic!!