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Sorceress Supreme
My profile picture was created by She can be contacted at Achiru is the creator of the comics “Just Between Us”, “The Mann and Lucky Channel”, and “The Myth of Eros and Psyche” on Her work is amazing and I highly recommended checking her out!
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They meet at last!
No problem
Such Class
My poor baby is not subtle
The “lady” doth protest
He is unprepared for this ball of sunshine ☀️
He likes your butt that’s for sure!
I see those “Hey you!”s in the corner someone’s evil girlfriend is coming to beat up my baby!!!
First “Chucky Shunk” now “ Baby Bun” I’m seeing a pattern in Ben’s nicknames.
That’s is not Ben. Call Ben!
I wonder if Ben comes around to keep him company 🥰
1: Favorite Joke or type of jokes they like.
2. If you were an animal what animal would you be?
3. What is something embarrassing you’ve done that you wish you could erase from existence?
4. What did you look like as children?
My baby prince with his little scruff!
Well he’s certainly confident
Bae is just trying to be supportive
My baby spoke!