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A Generic Dude
A regular dude who goes on Smack Jeeves to read comics when bored.Also loves to read eeveelution squad. Go read it. Seriously.
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Mew the Magician. 10/10 would watch again
*Watches Speed get Suplexed* *Inserts Mortal Kombat X Ray*

its perfect.
Lazuli looks adorable when she's reading books
Am I the only one who thinks Blizz shouldn't go after the "plushie"?
@SlyTheSylveon: yikes... Crystal is secretly evil...
So basically,What Crystal said was, "Awh man, I wanted to drown you, looks like my plan is ruined for now..." Right?
Vay turned into Chara in that last panel... yikes
I wonder when the Mews gonna show up.
@WiispNightmare: Jeez dude, thats harsh.
The Sass is real..
Also, Riolu is about to get his lunch money stolen.
Oh Boy! This is getting more popular each page, which is awesome! It deserves this attention.
I just wonder whats to come after the flash back. What'll happen then?
Yikes! Lazuli almost sent Speed to Suplex City!
@Volt the fox :3: The Riolu is TOO CUTE