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@Rocatex: sir u are under arrest
look its blue fortnite bush and emo fox my disaster children

i wanted vulpix to be a shiny but it doesnt rlly fit too well ig ? i want something thats not like the normal color palette
and ah the colors arent their set colors yet bc my brain isnt working and they look real out of place
im still gonna mess around with the bandana colors and such so hm im still debating on vulpix colors rip
shading,,,such amazing,,
i accidentally clicked page out of fear but shit dude!!! take ur time!!
baby boy baby.
jesus chhtrsjrkewf how do i snatch someone's art skills without being charged treason holy fuck

also yes,,,,90's aesthetic,,,,,
there is no sun

hhsdfkj i keep getting drawn to this by the colors andshfvjw
this is akso,,,,very pretty,,,,,,
im in love with the colors :00
@JustinRPG: careful dude, that might turn on some people
yea im taking my eyes out now thanks
i strongly disapprove
carl x oven forever >:((
June 9th, 2019
June 8th, 2019
has neon colors= immediate love
@Sky207: Hade starts a fire.
@Sky207: Hade starts a fire.