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Rjcmanus (New hunter vanguard)
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Today's my birthday :D but I hope you all are having a great day!
@lazesummerstone: I actually like you not having a schedule. Makes it more realistic. Because you can't schedule a random boss fight or exotic drop. It is also very down to earth because having a schedule sometimes brings down the quality of the work. Like you need to post a comic page every friday and Wednesday. One will have better quality than the other.
@Arcstrider Exo: but I feel like the whole finisher moves could be more unique to each class and their sub-class. Not just a single move for each class. And what ever path you choose to use on that sub-class wouldn't affect that sub-class finisher.
@Exotic Blackberry Exo: maybe. Maybe not. Only laze knows and I'm not sure even he knows what will happen.
@Arcstrider Exo: darn...well good luck because you WILL need it
@Guest: it's not scheduled post. Just when he is done on a page is when it is posted. I think
@Arcstrider Exo: well I think they won't try it again because it failed. Also have you gotten truth? I have it and a couple of my friends tested it in crucible and it almost has its D1 tracking
@lazesummerstone: yes it did happen and at the most inconvenient time too. Right when we reached the boss. I also ended up sleeping in the game room to make sure it didn't happen again.
Someone hacked my account
So I was in the middle of helping a friend get thorn but then I see a white screen and I am kicked out of the party and a message saying sign back into your PS account and I did but it wouldn't accept it so I rest set the password to cayde-6. Now if you don't mind I'm going to go hunt this hacker down. (Rjcmannus has left the chat)
Someone hacked my account
So in the middle of me helping a friend get thorn I get a white screen and kicked from party and a sign back into your PS account. I try but it would not accept my sign in so I rest set my password to cayde-6. Now I'm going to go hunt them down.
Even though you will NEVER see this
@The Orange Cow: yes people still play Destiny and when me and a friend were playing D1 we saw a lot of low levels (lvls 2-10) so yea it is still alive
When school ends and season of opulence begins
This does put a smile on my face
-meanwhile at Disney-
@HonorBoundFate: buy bungi and the Destiny franchise and make it all about a mouse. Oh and get rid of the guns.
US as the Destiny community: this "game" is worth more money than what you will ever have Disney.
@XenoSynthetic: I would prefer toast
@XenoSynthetic: to be brutally honest here I am kinda out of the loop about what is going on in the world. I have no clue about the bread emote...and why would someone want bread when you can have toast? I really lost hope in humanity when the whole "pewds vs t series" event happened... God I wish that whole event never happened.
@lazesummerstone: and if something tears him away from his family.
Murder the thing that brought him back.
But in order for Cayde-6 to turn into Cayde-7 would require a reset. Not a revive. a reset is what the numbers next to an exo's name means like for example yor-5 this yor had 4 resets not revives.
Also laze what number of resets does watermelon have? Because we only know the first part of his name.
@anonymous: really? Cayde-7? do you even know who he is? HE IS DEAD AND HE IS NEVER RETURNING! LET THE MAN REST! Also you forgot the commas between Xùr, You, Vuvuzila (Zavala), and your supposed Cayde-7 (who isn't real and will never be real).