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Rjcmanus (New hunter vanguard)
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@Arcstrider Exo:-dramatic gasp- YOU LIAR! Though in all seriousness that is VERY miss leading. But still. YOU LIED TO US!
@Textualfish: you should try sweet business in the crucible. It makes sure your enemies will have some Terrible business.
@Textualfish: hmmm reminds me of somtin' -previous solstice flashbacks- OH F----(lots of servitors appear and split) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WILLIAM GET THE RALLY BARRICADE UP! -sound of 2 sweet businesses spinning up and firing- WHERE'S TYLER! - a north Korean titan falls onto the servitors- oh found him. Also has anyone else play ace combat 7?
@Dragonfire65: from what I just recently saw. I think it's in the most likely area. Not certain of it so that is why I said most likely. It's not 100% clear if it will but it is likely. (Also sorry for talking for you laze)
Well guess I'm going to miss this one. Even though I never have been to one.
@Textualfish: rjcmannus: -perfectly roast a marshmallow with a golden gun's flame- "here mate try it."
@Arcstrider Exo: rjcmannus: "then come over here by the fire"
@Stormfalcon2018: rjcmannus: "HEY YOU UP THERE! WANNA MAKE SOME S'MORES?"
@lazesummerstone: though arc has a point. What is the name of his ghost?
-meanwhile at the farm-
rjcmannus: "so, who wants to make s'mores?"
akaFractalz: "sure why not."
roly-polly: "pass."
DiamondHeroGamer:"eh, why not."
Mithrax:"<what is a s'more?>"

The < > means in the eliskni language
Today's my birthday :D but I hope you all are having a great day!
@lazesummerstone: I actually like you not having a schedule. Makes it more realistic. Because you can't schedule a random boss fight or exotic drop. It is also very down to earth because having a schedule sometimes brings down the quality of the work. Like you need to post a comic page every friday and Wednesday. One will have better quality than the other.
@Arcstrider Exo: but I feel like the whole finisher moves could be more unique to each class and their sub-class. Not just a single move for each class. And what ever path you choose to use on that sub-class wouldn't affect that sub-class finisher.
@Exotic Blackberry Exo: maybe. Maybe not. Only laze knows and I'm not sure even he knows what will happen.
@Arcstrider Exo: darn...well good luck because you WILL need it
@Guest: it's not scheduled post. Just when he is done on a page is when it is posted. I think
@Arcstrider Exo: well I think they won't try it again because it failed. Also have you gotten truth? I have it and a couple of my friends tested it in crucible and it almost has its D1 tracking
@lazesummerstone: yes it did happen and at the most inconvenient time too. Right when we reached the boss. I also ended up sleeping in the game room to make sure it didn't happen again.
Someone hacked my account
So I was in the middle of helping a friend get thorn but then I see a white screen and I am kicked out of the party and a message saying sign back into your PS account and I did but it wouldn't accept it so I rest set the password to cayde-6. Now if you don't mind I'm going to go hunt this hacker down. (Rjcmannus has left the chat)